05 January, 2011

You Asked For It: Weddings on the Interwebs

Hi! You wrote once about some of your favorite wedding websites.  I just got engaged and now have a reason (:P) to read your blog.  I'm wondering...since you've come such a long way since you started your blog, are those sites still ones you would recommend?  What would you say now....(besides, yourself?)  

Great question!  I would certainly recommend all of those sites again (You can read the original here).  And I have.  The White Box has shuttered its doors to the public, sadly.  Here's what I would say to you...

This list is in no way meant to say that the only websites worth using are listed here. This is just the very tippy tip of the wedding style iceberg. (I bold because I love....and because I want to be crystal clear here.)

Now, in no particular order:

1.  Green Wedding Shoes.  Love, love, love this blog!
2. Style Me Pretty/Little Black Book Blog.  Love!  A constant source of inspiration and beauty.
3. Plumage Blog.  Wedding advice and inspiration for the size-positive.
4. Ritzy Bee Blog.  Just beautiful.  You cannot read this blog and NOT be mesmerized by the brilliance! 
5. 100 Layer Cake.  This was the first wedding blog I ever saw.  I was referred there by a recently married friend.  It was love at first click.  It's just great.  The featured wedding this am is super swoon-worthy, too!
6. Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas.  Amy Atlas is one of my entertaining idols.  I love the way she inspires so many people to make their gatherings just a little more spectacular. 
7. Offbeat Bride.  This blog is outstanding.  It really is a haven for couples  with a little too much awesome for more traditional wedding avenues.
8.Rock and Roll Bride.  Like Offbeat Bride, this site is just fantastic. I really can't say enough great things about this little internet gem.

The last two entries on my list were once one.  One of my personal favorite sites (Lollipop Events) has branched out and become two companies.  I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next with these two amazing companies.  Innovative, chic, fun...there aren't enough adjectives....

9.  Alchemy Fine Events
10. Canvas and Canopy.

There you have it.  I hope this helps you, doll.  I love so many blogs and the world is filled with so much brilliance...it's hard to pick just ten. 

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