19 May, 2011

Goldiluxe Explains: Suit Up!

Hey there, Goldiluxe!

We love your blog! However, we noticed that the content is a little lady-centric, if you will. My man and I would love to read more stuff "for the boys". Just a little FYI. So, tell us, what  suity type options are out there for two fab guys like us?

Well, hello darlings! I will absolutely include more content of the manly kind. I have several exciting projects underway...I hope you'll join me!

Now, to answer your question...

{ morning coat } This is a formal option more suited to ceremonies set in the morning or early afternoon. You see morning coats usually in grey or black, but as with most things the times are a-changin'. You'll notice that a true morning coat has a broad tail in the back ( a major difference from the traditional suit). They are most commonly worn with a bow tie or an ascot.

 (The morning coat, or cutaway.  Delicious, yes?)

{ blazer} The blazer is a perfect option if you are having a more casual, non fussy affair. My advice for picking a great blazer? 1. Choose a cut and color that "suits" you. 2. Find a versatile style that will withstand the test of time.

A happy man in a blazer.  A great sight to see.

{ white tie and tails } This option is definitely the most formal and the most traditional. It is exclusively seen at evening weddings. The jacket is usually black wool with the iconic double tail silhouette.

 A gorgeous vintage album cover featuring white tie and tails. I love the 30's and, since you are reading my blog, so do you.

{ white dinner jacket } A lovely (and my personal fave) option that totes works for a number of different occasions (including:  summer, late-afternoon or evening).  Most commonly paired with a chic, black trouser.

One of the most delicious men in the history of ever, wearing what is quite possibly the single most delicious piece of men's clothing (that's right, I used "delicious" twice in the same sentence...so sue me, it's Sean Connery)

  {tuxedo } The most common attire seen in formal, late afternoon and evening weddings.

David Beckham.  Wearing a tuxedo...Armani, I think?

There you have it, darlings.  Four fab options for what I'm sure will  be a fantastic day!  I wish you all the love you can fit in the sky.  Thanks for writing me, I love getting mail...even if it is electronic.

13 May, 2011

You Asked For It: Smooth Sailing

Hi there Goldiluxe!

Our wedding day is coming up fast and and just need a little advice.  What are some little, stress-free things I can do to make sure the day goes smoothly?


Well, hello darlin'! I certainly do have a few tips up my sleeve...try these on for size:

Schedule a little morning alone time with your sweetheart.  Start the day by remembering why you're there.

Eat small, healthy snacks throughout the day to avoid both faintness brought on by hunger and bloat brought on by a big meal.

Stay hydrated! It helps to designate a bridesmaid to keep track of healthy snacks and a bottle of water.

Keep a small steamer on hand to deal with last minute wrinkles.