18 January, 2011

You Asked For It: A Little Sole

Hi there!
Just a silly little question, but here goes...

I have put a little bundle of money aside (that I've saved up) for a little something for me.  I haven't told the boy about it and I'm feeling a little guilty for wanting to spoil myself on our wedding day, but I'm thinking designer shoes might be fun.  What do you think?

Thanks for reading!  Oh, honey.  What a wonderful little predicament, you have.  I hope you find what I have to say useful....

1.  You should absolutely tell your honey about the nest...err, well shoe egg.  I believe in honesty and transparency in a relationship.  Besides, you aren't doing anything wrong.  You put this money together, by yourself, aside from what you're contributing to the wedding expenses. Do not feel guilty for wanting to spoil yourself a little bit. We should all do it once in awhile. 

2.  Omg (that's right, I used "omg", so sue me) designer shoes ARE fun!  That was my present to myself on our wedding day.  Fab golden pumps.  Love!  My only advice here is, don't forget to break them in before the big day!  Start by wearing them around the house for 5 minutes a day.  Work your way up to an hour in 5 minute increments. 

3.  Here's a little Sneaky Pete to get the party started (Five awesome points if you can identify the reference!)

Ok, so I got a little carried away, but aren't they beautiful? Especially those teal Kate Spade Kamille pumps.  My friend just snagged them for her wedding and believe you me, this photo does not do them justice.  Have fun, lady!  You deserve it!

Photo Credit:
1. Badgley Mischka via Nordstrom
2. Manolo Blahnik via Bergdorf Goodman
3. Christian Louboutin via shopstyle dot com
4. Kate Spade via shopstyle dot com

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