10 June, 2013

Designer Love: Amanda Wakeley

I found something awesome, you guys!!  I stumbled upon Amanda Wakeley's website somewhere in the avalanche of e-mails I swept out of my inbox this weekend.  I let my fingers do the walking and hopped on over to her site.  I was not disappointed.  So much beauty!  I thought you might like to see what I found.

British designer, Amanda Wakeley launched her namesake line in 1990.  Since then, she's spent her time making a splash in the womensware and bridal world. 

From the website: 
Amanda intuitively started designing clothes based on a personal passion to create utterly beautiful clothes that women love to wear. Her look is calculatedly understated but alluring. The Amanda Wakeley woman is ageless – she has an attitude to dressing rather than being a specific age.  She wears the clothes because they are sexy yet not overt…. they are body enhancing yet comfortable…. they are relevant yet appropriate to her lifestyle…. she has an enviable ease.
I love that description of the Amanda Wakeley woman.  She sounds lovely, doesn't she?

These are three of my favorite looks from Amanda Wakeley's Morocco Lookbook:

1.   AW136.  A loverly halter dress.  The black silk satin halter adds an edge to this breezy silhouette.  The pintucked detailing on the bust is to die for!

2.  AW137.  For me, this was love at first sight.  That draped train is a killah. 

3.  AW142.  My favorite thing about this gown is the beading at the neck and waist.  I would love to see this at a lake house.  Can you imagine, the sun, the sand, the rolling waves.  Ah, glammah! 

Although her bridal line is amazing, Amanda Wakeley is no one trick pony, folks.  Check out her website for the latest in accessories (the metallic Poppy purse, is mah wants!) and womensware (yowza!!).

photo credit: all photos belong to amanda wakeley dot com, unless otherwise specified