04 April, 2013

Luxe Life: Magnificent Bride at The Pfister

Let's jump right in, pets, and ignore the fact that I am a terrible blogger.

As you know, Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride show was at the beautiful Pfister Hotel on March 3.  I attended the show with my MIL, my future sister in law, and her mother.  I was super busy trying to be attentive and as such missed a few choice photo ops, but I really enjoyed being in the moment and available to answer questions.  We had a blast, I saw some of my favorite people in Milwaukee, and I am still buzzing from all the inspiration.

Here’s a snappy of my program at the start of our little adventure:

See, neat and tidy.  Sadly, that didn’t last long.   By the end of the day, my program was full of little notes to myself:

I was delighted to run into some new (to me) vendors.  Here are some quick pics of their work.  Trust me, the pictures do not do them justice.
From Dahlia Blooms
Stunning work from Art Below Zero

Vintage Rentals from Relics
Overall, the show was delightful!  I would have liked to see a bit more follow through with the theme.  Especially in the fashion and tablescapes.  While everything was undeniably breath-taking, I sort of missed that cohesiveness of vision. 
I was really taken with the fact that the salons in attendance were offering hair and makeup trials.  Girls could put in their names and, after a teensy wait, receive a bit of cosmetic attention.  I loved to see the brides chatting excitedly while skilled stylists buzzed around them!  Here’s my favorite bride getting the star treatment:

If I was smart, I would have captured the finished look, but we were having too much fun!
I also had the pleasure of sitting in on David Caruso’s workshop entitled ‘How to Create Your Own Stylish Wedding'.  As usual, David Caruso was impeccably dressed and sharing some helpful tips.  Considering he only had thirty minutes, I thought he gave some excellent real-life examples and helped to make them appealing to a room full of people, all with their own unique budget constraints.  Of course, I did not take any pictures during his workshop (so rude!), so you'll have to take my word for it.

Making sense of my notes!

There you have it!  A quick little trip down Magnificent Bride Lane.  I've included the rest of my pictures below.