30 May, 2013

Destination Dazzling (Part Two)

Let's continue with Part Two of Destination Dazzling!  Bring on the beauty!

Beachy Baubles:  Who doesn't love a little sparkle?  The right jazzicle can spice up your look without weighing you down or overpowering the scene you and Mother Nature have created.  Look for pieces that pick up the colors of your surroundings.  Bright, tropical colors are killah against  the creamy tones of sand and skin.  Here's what I'm craving right now:

This Aquamarine Necklace from Uncovet is simple and sophisticated.  I'm also loving the $49 price tag.  A little sparkle that won't break the bank.

This is the enchanting Reflecting Pools Necklace from Ranjana Khan for BHLDN.  It's a bit pricey, coming in at $600, but the handmade mother of pearl stunner is worth the splurge.

Another cutie from Uncovet: Spiked Punch Earrings!  I just think these are adorable!  A perfect pop of color!  You can pick up a pair at Uncovet for $39.

Hello, nurse!  I am dying for these Large Feather Plume bangles from Sequin.  They're hinged, which I think is especially nice for warmer climates and are a great way to pull in tropical color!  The teal one is my favorite!

Hair Affair:  So, unless you plan to have a team of twenty following you around, get used to the idea that tropical weather may anger your hair.  It's okay.  It happens to (almost) everyone.  However, the answer will NOT be found in dousing your tresses in sticky, harmful (to both you and to the enviro) products.  Beachy waves, dreamy updos, and airy chignons will be aces in your locale.  Consider anchoring pesky flyaways with embellished pins or work them into braids.

Snail braids!  Cute, playful, and it gets your hair off your neck, which can be invaluable for an outdoor, tropical wedding.  J'adore The Beauty Department! This place is lousy with amazing tutorials!  Check it out!

Can we just talk about braids for a minute?  Suh.  Kyoot.  Suh.  Easy.  I would love this even more if it was a waterfall braid.  Also, more waves.  It's perfect for the bohemian beach bride!

The messy bun is such a lifesaver, y'all!  Easy to do, easy to maintain, and easy to dress up.  Just throw a jeweled clip or a chic little fascinator in there and voila!  Perfection!  I found this particular one while browsing Brunch at Saks.  Supa cute blog!

I hope this has helped you get the wheels turning.  There is so much greatness out there, I encourage you to get lost in it for awhile and see what you come up with!  You can't go wrong....well, I'm sure you could, but if I know my dolls, then we are in for one amazing summah! 

28 May, 2013

Destination Dazzling! (Part One)

There's something so magical about tropical, seaside affairs, isn't there?  The magnificently blue skies, the soothing sounds of rolling water, the birds singing happily in swaying palm trees....le sigh.  All that atmosphere makes us wish that, even for a moment, our beauty could radiate as flawlessly as that of Mother Nature.  Well, with a destination wedding we are given that chance.

Today, let's take a peek at what's out there, shall we?

First up: Dresses! Season, location, and venue can and should inform your choice, here. The best advice I have is this: Consider lightweight, breathable fabrics that complement your frame and can withstand travel with minimal difficulty.  You might let yourself be drawn to understated elegance that won't detract from the natural beauty of your location.  Although, a little glamour never killed anyone...so keep that in mind.  My of the moment loves:

Say 'hello!' to Ursula!  Gorg, right?  At $595 (a MIRACLE at J. Crew), this little J. Crew number is perfect for the beach.  I LOVE the length of cotton cord that forms the halter.  Suh. Kyoot.

We return to BHLDN for this stunner from James Coviello.  The Charlene Maxi is the right mix of drama and demure.  Go.  Take a look at the back.  I'll wait.  Pretty great, right?  The price tag is a shocker at only $650.

Also from BHLDN (I know...I could go on and on!) is this sweet little Ribboned Silk Gown.  Designed specifically for BHLDN, this Ve Et Vien gown is sure to thrill at your seaside nuptials.  I'd pair with either a sash or statement necklace for full effect (Oh! The editors agree with me!).  It's a little pricier, coming in at $1600, but well worth the coin, if you ask me.

For the Tootsies:  A friend of mine got hitched on sand and had this to say, "I should've worn shoes!  My poor feet were scorched by the end of the ceremony."  She went on to say that while she bought the dreamiest little sandals for din din and dancing, she wished she'd had some daytime protection. Take from that what you will.  I for one am living for these beachy finds:

Maroma Sandal, by Heiress. BHLDN exclusive, y'all.  Handmade in India.  I die. A friggin' steal at $170

The Kira sandal from J. Crew is kill. ing. me.  Made in Italy and sporting a $138 pricetag...forgeddaboudit!

Vince Camuto's Macalia is another Perfect 10, for me.  At $78.95, these are the perfect mix of passion and pragmatism.  These Vince Camuto darlings are also available in black and are currently in my shopping cart...I'm a Vince Camuto junkie, what can I say?

Whew!  That's a lot of glamma! Tune in tomorrow because I'll be sharing more dazzling selections for your destination celebration!

16 May, 2013

You Asked For It: Destination Roundup 1

Cute bird friend I made at the beach...
It seems as though I awakened the beast with my last post about destination weddings.  You lovelies have been peppering my inbox with your insightful questions and I thought a roundup might be a good idea.  

How do I get my dress there unharmed?
You have a few options.  First, you can make the arrangements with your airline ahead of time.  Just ring them and explain your situation clearly and thoroughly.  I guarantee you won’t be the first bride to ask that question.  Or, if your dress fits carry-on requirements, take it with you.  First class cabins often have ‘garment closets’ that passengers can use to store coats…you could ask to use one of those. If these options are less than ideal, ship your dress to your destination prior to your arrival.  Again, you’ll need to call your resort and make arrangements.  You should ship your dress in a large box wrapped in tissue paper to help the dress hold its shape.  Pay for insurance and if you can, get a confirmation from the resort.  It will be your job to follow up…don’t put it on resort staff to do your work for you.  A word of advice: It will be expensive to ship your dress properly.  Do not cut corners to save money.  This is NOT the ideal place to look for savings.  Finally, whichever method you choose, make an appointment to have your dress steamed when you arrive.

Any tips for dealing with stress before the big day?
Yes.  First, don’t take your feelings out on your bridal party or resort staff.  Deal with the situation yourself and do it calmly and politely.  Being belligerent or rude will not solve anything and will more than likely escalate the situation.   If you just simply can’t deal, send a neutral party with a clear head and poise under pressure on your behalf.  Either way, take a minute to breathe, count to ten, do a quick calming exercise and then handle your biz like a boss.  

You mentioned family on the Honeymoon and now I’m freaking out.  I love my fam, but don’t want to be smothered by them the whole time…what should I do?
You can start by not assuming that everyone will want to spend every waking moment with you.  These are adults, they’ve attended weddings before.  Your privacy is implied.  But, yes, if you need to set boundaries, set them.  However, you should do this tactfully (after all the support and love, I’d hate to see feelings hurt) and gently.  It may sound cliché, but rehearse what you’re going to say BEFORE something asinine comes spilling out your cake hole.  Try something like: We’re so grateful for everything you’ve done for us and we’re so glad you’ll be joining us, but we’re hoping to spend some quality time alone after this is all over.  We can’t wait to start our lives together and this Honeymoon is going to be such a great way to begin! Never underestimate the power of brevity.  Also, let me say this: if you’re going to set boundaries, set the same ones for everyone. 

A reminder to stay hydrated and relaxed!

When should our invites go out?
Okay.  This is an easy one.  You should prepare to send out Save the Dates 1O-12 months ahead of time.  Include the date (obvi) and the location.  This will prepare your guests for what’s coming and they can begin to browse flights and resort info.  Please include this line on your save the dates: Formal invitation to follow. It is also appropriate to include a card with a link to your wedding website, should you have one.  Your invite should follow 4-6 months prior to the wedding.  In it, you can include more resort info, airport code, travel advice, itinerary, etc.  Your goal is to make this as smooth and easy for guests as possible.

Do we need to plan things for guests to do?  Like what about a rehearsal dinner or a party to welcome everyone?
I think it’s nice to make guests feel special.  Especially since they’ve traveled so far afield.  A little get together is a great way for everyone to get to know each other.  That vibe can really enhance the entire experience.  Maybe you could make a rezzie at the restaurant in the resort and just be together.  Good food, great drinks and lots of conversation…paradise, indeed!  Overall though, I don’t think tons of activities are necessary.

Wow!  I think we have enough content for a little series, don’t you?  Tomorrow, I’ll answer more questions and on Monday, let’s talk apparel…

10 May, 2013

You Asked For It: Destination Dilema

Hello G!
 You’ve been gone a long time.  Dislike.  Here’s my question:
The dude and I are considering a destination wedding at a resort Thailand.  We don't know what to do, we're really 50/50 at this point.  Can you give us your opinion?  I know you’ll be honest. 

Okay…well.  First, I have been gone awhile.  It’s a story for another post.  I promise I’ll explain.  Thanks for reading, though.  You have NO idea how much I love you all.  

Ooh, Thailand!  I die!  That’s definitely on my bucket list.  Congrats on your engagement!

On the whole, I don’t mind destination weddings.  I really don’t.  They’re the perfect option for a lot of couples.  In fact, I might be attending one in 2014.  That said, they are not without drawbacks.  In order to keep this concise, I’ll run through a few pros and cons without going into lengthy detail.  Sound good? 

No Muss, No Fuss
Destination weddings are great in that choosing one can mean dumping a lot of the stress that often accompanies the planning process, especially if you choose a resort setting.  Often, the whole shebang is handled by resort staff and all the couple has to do is show up.

Make A Day of It
 It also provides a chance for a built in vacation.  Many couples take this opportunity to honeymoon.  Hey, you’re in a beautiful part of the world and you just got hitched?  Why go anywhere else?  It  also isn’t unheard of for guests to arrive a few days early or stay a few days after to really make crossing the world worthwhile. 

Less Is More

Destination weddings can also assist in limiting the number of guests involved, preserving the intimacy of the occasion. Less people, less hassle, you know.  Couples can also expect to spend time with guests who did make the trek in a relaxed setting.  It’s nice not to be pulled in a thousand directions on your wedding day.

Walking Around Money

 If well executed, the overall cost can be a fraction of a hometown soiree.  Resorts often have standard packages designed to fit a range of budgets.  Read the fine print to see what’s included and you could stand to save some serious dough.

It’s In the Mail
Destination weddings have produced some of the cutest invitation suites I’ve ever seen.  

Cookie Cutter
While dumping the stress and responsibility of planning a wedding, a lot of couples also give up the opportunity to make their wedding their own.  Many couples miss the personal touches that can make a more traditional wedding unforgettable.  

Dirty Money
Your wedding will not be affordable for your guests.  The reason so many resorts can afford to give you such amazing deals is because they are working under the assumption that your guests will be staying with them.  So, when you factor in airfare, accommodations, passports, gifts, and wedding related activities…well, your amazing getaway may come at the expense of your guests.

Right In the Heart
While you won’t be dealing with the demands of an extended guest list, you should prepare yourself for the absence of people you hold close to your heart.  You may lose some to job demands and those with pregnancies or small children may have to opt out of schlepping halfway ‘round the world. Additionally, older guests may not be able to travel that far from home.  All of this could lead to some seriously hurt feelings if not dealt with appropriately.

Red Tape
The logistics of getting married in a place you do not call home can be daunting.  Getting a marriage license in another country can be a bit nightmarish as you will be subject to the laws of that country.  If you have to hoe this row alone, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.  

Rain On My Parade
With your family and friends in the same time zone, you may have trouble getting much needed alone time.  The relaxed atmosphere of a destination wedding can also lead to relaxed boundaries.  You may find your parents and friends are on your honeymoon right along side you.  

So..that’s my two cents.  I really do think they can be wonderful!  The truth is that everything in life comes with complications.  No decision can be made without considering the cost.  Ultimately though, no matter what you choose it will be perfect!  It will be everything you dreamed it could be because it's what YOU chose.  Good luck, doll.