24 July, 2009

Top 10 Wedding Sites {That Aren't The Knot}

Information is everywhere. And it's easier to get than ever before. Part of the big 'ol interweb is jam packed with wedding information, ideas and advice. One of my biggest resources, besides my noggin was The Knot. I took full advantage of the notebook, budgeter and guest list features. It was helpful for sure, but there's so much more out there. The Knot, in my opinion, is really great if you and your SO have your hearts set on a more traditional affair. I found I really had to look around for sites with advice on more contemporary ides. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite wedding websites. The ones I have chosen deal with a range of genres. I've chosen them based solely on the type and quality of advice given, the overall atmosphere of the site and the satisfaction of the members. This list is in no way meant to say that the only ones worth using are listed here. This is just the very tippy tip of the wedding style iceberg. (I bold because I love....and because I want to be crystal clear here.)

Now, in no particular order:

1. Offbeat Bride. This site is amazing. Seriously. I have seen some of the most unique ideas and advice here. Stunning pictures and smart playful articles. Perfect for the couple who just may want to mix it up a little. Possibly one of the best for same sex couples, too.
2. Amorology Weddings. Stunning. Beautiful inspiration boards. A lot of pictures and stimulation. Great for a look at what's new and fresh.
3. DIY Bride. Love, love LOVE this blog! It demystifies the idea of a handmade wedding and gives well thought out ideas and great advice for adding personal touches to any wedding. Perfect for a variety of crafty brides.
4. The White Box of Weddings/Bespoke-A White Box Blog/The Milwaukee Wedding Blog. Milwaukee based. I love it. The whole thing. Monica Gill is the brains behind Milwaukee's premier wedding design team. They've really revolutionized the Milwaukee wedding scene. Look there for etiquette, ideas and insight into wedding and the hoopla that goes with it.
5. Emmaline Bride. A great one! I am a HUGE fan of handmade weddings and this blog is a great resource. One of their best features is the Featured Artist segments. Great way to keep up on what's out there.
6. 100 Layer Cake. Amazing! The color and inspiration boards are incredible. Some of the best I've seen. This blog, along with another really helped me to make my boards more striking and clearer in direction and vision. I really recommend this site.
7. Style Me Pretty/Little Black Book Blog. A modern classic. It's called the "Ultimate Wedding Blog" for a reason. A wealth of knowledge is available to you between SMP and its clever vendor annex LBB. I love this blog so much, I don't want to give away all of the exciting thisngs you'll find there! This was a big inspiration to me while I was busy planning our wedding.
8. Ritzy Bee Blog. Another hit! An amazing blog with a definite emphasis on the smaller details. This was one of the things I really loved about this blog. For me the beauty of an event is in its detail. This blog was really good for me.
9. Etsy Wedding. I am a HUGE etsy supporter and am currently building my very own esty site. I like that this blog centers on etsy and gives its readers a cross section of just what is out there. I made a lot of the things for our big day and I really respond to this brilliant showcase of esty's brightest stars.
10. Eco-Chic Weddings. Another of my favorite sites. Conceived by a former Martha Stewart employee, ECW really is one of the best out there. I love the fact that Ms. Anderson has taken the mystery out of eco-friendly wedding ideas and made them both more real and more accessible. I believe that the chic directive in the blog help to reinforce that idea that you can have an elegant, stylish wedding and not harm the environment. A grand slam in my opinion!

Well, there you have it. Ten of my favorite wedding sites. I suggest you give 'em a look-see and decide on some favorites of your own. Have some I missed? Leave them in the comments thread and I'll be happy to add them.

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