28 November, 2012

Where have you been all my life?

Um, hello amazing personalized Jack Daniels labels!

These little darlings come to us from Etsy Seller, Liquid Courage.  Based in Cookeville, TN, Tyler and Amy Fisk are the husband and wife masterminds behind the cleverly named shop.  This dynamic design duo (alliteration before noon on a Monday?? Boom goes the dynamite, people.) has filled their shop with all the best stuff to doll up your booze and, let's face it, isn't that why we became adults in the first place??  To make our drinking more stylish?

Through a fancy design process (which you can read about here) they make one-of-a-kind custom labels and flasks.  Whilst perusing their website (which is super cute, by the way), I found this passage.  I really liked the message it sent and thought I'd share it with you:

          We finally decided to follow our dream of becoming entrepreneurs, pursue our passion, and determine our own future with hands on approach. We chose the path less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Not to get all philosophical on your asses, but this simple statement of purpose is so inspiring!  It reminds me that while it's hard to make the leap into entrepreneurship and none of us really knows how it will all shake out, it is so worth the fear for the chance to do what you love every day.  I love to support small businesses like this one because not only is it the only way to snag one of a kind gear made with love but because I can give someone a little, monetary "atta boy"!

 At Liquid Courage, you will find flasks like this one (which is hilar!):

Funny Barack Obama I Approve This Beverage Whiskey Flask Liquid Courage Groomsmen Guys Gift Stainless Steel 6 oz Liquor Hip Flask LC-1162

OR this one, which I think is pretty brill:

Cute, right?  I LOVE clever bridal party gifts and these have shot to the top of my list.  Just remember to make a pact to save the flasks for pictures...until after the ceremony, yes?

This one might be my fave, though (and just might end up in a certain stocking...):

I know, right?!  So magniff!  Do yourself a favor and visit Liquid Courage, either on Etsy or at their website and snap up some of this amazing stuff!  You won't be sorry!  Also, remember, dolls, it's the Holiday Season and small business owners all over the country could use your compassion. Besides, manners are always in style. 


Pictures via liquid courage.  Posted with permission.

06 November, 2012

A Message From Goldiluxe: Bedazzle the Vote!

It's that time again, dolls!

First, a statement:  I just wanted to remind you all to get out there and rock that vote!  Vote, vote, vote!  Remind your friends and family!  We have the ability to participate in something that so many people all over the world are fighting and yes, dying for.  Even here, in our beautiful, wonderful country, people fought and died to give us that right.   So, let's exercise it, already!  Who's with me?

Now, a caveat: I don't care who you vote for.  I really don't.  I will love you all, donkey or elephant.  But, I do care how you vote.  I want you to use that big, beautiful brain of yours.  I want you to turn off your TVs, drown out the pundits and make up your own minds.  We owe it to ourselves to make the most informed choice we can.  Isn't that what makes this country great, our right to think for ourselves?!  There is a lot at stake, darlings, and lets face it, our country needs us this year.

Now, get out and vote.  Let Washington hear that big, beautiful voice of yours!  And honey, if nothing else, I know that voting never goes out of style.