18 September, 2011

Hello, World! My Name's Goldiluxe, What's Yours?

Hello Darlings!

I've finally been pulled into the 21st Century. You may be thinking:  "But Erin, your love of Apple products, this blog-your iPad!  Don't those say, 21st Century?!"  Well, they do.  Sort of.  But what I'm talking about is much bigger!

Goldiluxe Events is now on Facebook!

What?!  That's right.  After three years, I've finally broken down and signed us up for Facebook.

So, here goes nothing, I guess...

06 September, 2011

You Asked For It: Bridal Shower Bliss

Hey lady!
Here's the deal.  One of my 'maids approached me about throwing a shower.  I jumped at the chance.  She's the only one that has offered.  I'm also really lucky because she's a close friend of mine and is consulting me on the plans-she wants to make sure the shower is uniquely me!  My question is this:  

Should I assume that my future MIL will want in on this (she lives in the same town)? What about her friends? Should I just wait and see if she approaches me? What about my Mom? She hasn't said a word, but she does live in another state.

First off, congratulations!  I love wedding showers, I think they're just wonderful!  Also, how awesome that your 'maids are involving you in the process.  Sounds like it's gonna be great!

Now my judgment call advice:

You should let his mom know that a shower is being planned/designed for you. Judging on her reaction, you can decide how much to involve her. Of course let her invite her friends, moms of sons love showing off their future daughters in law. Also, if she wants to add a lot of people to the guest list (which you should be considering now, probably) , she might have some great ideas on where to have it…if the guest list grows larger than the home you're having it in…there are so many great ways your MIL can be involved. Here are a few:

- let her help your 'maids pick out, assemble and mail the invites 

- once you have some decor options to look at, show them to her and ask for her input

- she can help set the menu

- she can help decorate

- let her be in charge of the RSVP’s

- ask her for input on dates and locations

- if there is a game, consider letting her run it 

You will be surprised at the number of things that will arise as you go through the process. It’s all up to you how much you want her to do and if you’re unsure of what’s being done, you can always put her in touch with your 'maids.  They'll be happy to provide some guidance.

As for your Mom, let her know what's going on. Let her be involved however she'd like.  Send her an invite.  You never know when you'll get a surprise guest.

Hope that helps.