05 January, 2011

You Asked For It: Love and Support?

Darlings, I give you my first favorite question of 2011:

We love Goldiluxe and we love you.  However, we don't see anything about GLBT weddings and unions.  What's the deal? We are looking for a wonderfully personal experience and we think you could give that to us, but we need to be comfortable with you as a person first...see, I told you we read your blog.

Wow.  Thank you for reading.  And thank you for asking me this question.  Forgive me if I get a little wordy on your behinds....

If I had only one compound sentence with which to answer your question, it would be this:

Goldiluxe Events celebrates, embraces, stands alongside and shines a great, big follow spot on love; nothing more, nothing less.

If I were allowed a follow up, it would be this:

As a person, I believe that love, unlike many other things in this wonderful world of ours, has the unique ability to transcend boundaries, creeds, ethnicity and politics.  In love, we have the possibility for understanding, for healing, for peace.  Goldiluxe exists, as I said, to shine a light on love and showcase it to the world.  Not to serve as a springboard for a political agenda.
Unfortunately, we live in a society that is constantly forcing us to politicize our love, and as such, I feel I need to stand in solidarity with those facing discrimination.

As a wedding professional, I am learning all the time.  I have examined and revised the language in my contracts and promotional material. I have learned the most from listening to and reading the testimonials of GLBT couples.  From their unique and beautiful stories, I am better able to understand my GLBT couples' unique needs and give them the event they deserve.  GLBT events are absent from Goldiblog for one simple reason: I haven't been fortunate enough to be involved with one. 

You deserve a wonderfully personal experience.  You deserve a blissful celebration of your love.  Everyone does.  If you decide to meet me and if you decide to invite me to be a part of your special day, I will do my best to give you what you deserve.

Whew.  I did get a little wordy, didn't I?  Thanks for hanging in there til the end, lovelies.   

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