09 September, 2013

Eleganza Alert: Paolo Sebastian!

I am OBSESSED with Paolo Sebastian.  I stumbled upon this designer somewhat recently and upon discovery, I devoured every photo I could find. So far, this is my favorite:

Isn't this just the dreamiest?!  From the website:

    At just twenty three, Vasileff’s achievements include featuring at London Fashion Week 2010 and graduating from Milan’s Europeo Istituto di Design. A ground-breaking show at Sydney’s 2012 Fashion Palette launched the label into the international sphere.
I also found these words about the signature Paolo Sebastian look:

Classic designs reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour exude timeless elegance, paired with a contemporary edge. Often featuring impeccably tailored boning and the tiniest of hand sewn floral appliques, Paolo Sebastian creations encapsulate both the boldness of high fashion and the delicate innocence of beauty.

Le sigh.  Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?  Take a spin through the website, won't you?

Photo credit: Paolo Sebastian via Bride Guide