19 December, 2013

Countdown to Christmas: DIY Ornaments

This is a good one for the littles.

You'll need:

clear glass/plastic ornaments

assorted jazzicles, baubles and bits of wonder

paints (I really like the Martha Stewart glass paints)

1.  Remove tops of ornaments. Set tops aside.

2.  Cram in the goodies and doll up the outsides.

4.  Let paint dry.

5. Hang.

6. Regard with holiday wonderment!

18 December, 2013

Countdown to Christmas: Garland Wreath Tutorial

I've been making these little wreaths for a couple years now and it just dawned on me to publish this tutorial.  They're super cute, super festive, and super easy!

You'll need:

Wreath form (I used an embroidery hoop, but have had the same success with wire and styrofoam as well)
2 lengths of garland (this took 2-9 foot lengths, so use your best judgement)
assorted wreath sprays, jazzicles and other sparkly things
wire cutters

1.  Wrap it up. Wind the end of your garland through your form and wire to fasten (if you're using a styrofoam form, wrap the end around once and secure with a pin).  I stayed away from using traditional adhesives because I like to swap out garlands and cut down on waste.  Then, wind the garland around the form, bunching from time to time to achieve the desired look (I like a fluffy wreath, so I bunch quite a bit). Wind the other end through the form to finish (fasten with pins for styrofoam).  You'll be finished when the form is completely hidden from view.

2.  Go Full Glitz.  Lay out your embellishments.  Don't be afraid to try a few things out before you commit.  Design your little heart out.  Once you've come up with something you love, lay it out in the desired position on your wreath.

3.  Pin it down.  Secure to wreath with wire.  Floral wires and other small guage wires are ideal because they are both easy to work with and easy to hide.  I came up with two options I loved so I made sure to make them interchangeable.

4. Enjoy!

See...easy and fabulous!