29 June, 2011

You Asked For It: The Perfect Fit{ting}

Hey there...
I love your blog.  Could use more pictures of your work though.  And if I remember correctly, you promised us baby shower pics, yes?  You should get on that.  So, I am about to go for my first fitting...any tips on making it perfect?

Well, hello Darlin'!
Believe you me, the photos they are a comin'.  I am so shamefully behind.  Ugh.

On to your question...(of course I have an opinion about fittings...I have an opinion about everything!) How 'bout I whip up a quick list?

6 Fitting Tips I Wish Someone Would Have Mentioned to Me

1. Make sure the salon's alteration policy is made crystal clear.  This is a big one, kids.  I don't care if you have to ask the same question 100 times, you and your alteration team need to be on the same page.  A dress is just fabric without the perfect fit.

2.  Most retailers will have alterations departments and are responsible for providing you with the proper fit.   If you are unsure, check with the salon first.  A well placed call can save a lot of gas and frustration.

3.  Do not panic if the dress doesn't fit properly when it comes in!  In most cases, you were likely measured four to six months before, when you placed the order.  Even slight changes in your physique can affect the fit.

4.  Be sure to wear your wedding day shoes to every fitting.  This will ensure consistent height.  Also, it's an easy way to help break in your shoes.  

5.  Wear your wedding day underpinnings to every fitting.  Again, this is a big one.  Everything you put on your body will affect the fit.  Wearing the same foundation and underpinnings will help eliminate the element of surprise on the big day and will make your alteration team's job that much easier.

6.  Relax, enjoy the process and trust in your alteration team.  You're getting married!  That and all the happy feelings associated should be your main focus.  You shouldn't be stressing out about the dress.  Besides, hovering over your alteration team won't get the job done any faster.

And a bonus tip from me:

7.  You are absolutely perfect, just as you are.  The dress doesn't make you beautiful.  Neither does the shoes, the veil, the fake tan, the makeup, the jewelry nor any of the other trappings of a wedding.  You make you beautiful.  Don't waste your time chasing the idea of "The Perfect Bride".  Believe me, if you are confident in yourself and the beauty that only you can possess, you will see The Perfect Bride.  You will see her each and every time you look in the mirror.

Good luck, my dove.  I'm rooting for you!

28 June, 2011

Goldiluxe Explains: Skirting the Issue

Hello, Darlings!
Let's get to it, shall we?  I thought that since we are in the middle of bridal season, I might share some info with those of you hunting for the perfect gown.  Enjoy:

{Full}  Most often floor length, the full skirt is gathered at the waist and gets its name from the volume added by layers of fabric.  A full skirt will usually have a decidedly triangular silhouette.  The type of skirt is figure-flattering on most brides, as it creates a more narrow waist.  However, I caution Petites-the proportion (read: volume) can easily overwhelm a small frame.

Loving the voluminous skirt on this Vera Wang.  Lovely, no?

{A-Line} Put simply, the a-line skirt consists of a fitted top and flared bottom.  This type of skirt is a very elongating style and can flatter most body types.  The best characteristic of an A-Line skirt is its versatility.  The modern A-Line can be full, narrow or modified.  Remember, the type of A-Line you purchase will inevitably determine the need and type of train or bustle.

This narrower, modified A-line is breezy and totally delish!

{Mermaid}  A typical mermaid style dress is fitted at the bodice down through the hips.  The skirt begins its signature flare at about mid-calf.  This type of dress can really amp up those curves!  Though it can work for many body types, confidence and poise is what really sets this style on fire.  Definitely one for the bolder bride.

Totally gorgeous mermaid from (one of my favorite design houses) La Sposa.  Swoon!

{Circular} A fully circular skirt is, as described, where the hem forms a full circle: as the length of the skirt increases, so will the size of the circle and its circumference, so increasing the amount of fullness.  This helps give the skirt its billowy look.  Because of the loads of volume, the circular skirt can be ideal for taller brides.

Delicious circular skirt from Devota & Lomba

{Balloon}  Simply put, the balloon skirt (not to be confused with the bubble hem) is a full skirt that tapers slightly toward the hemline.

Cute, modified balloon skirt gown by Amsale

Photo Credits:

27 June, 2011

Tiki Weekend: You're Invited!

Well, the day is fast approaching and I am sooo excited!  I thought I'd share the invite we chose for Tiki Weekend!  It hit the mail a couple of weeks ago and I've gotten lots of really great feedback about them (thanks to the awesome Allison Beilke for her awesome design)! 

Pretty great, right?  I'm so happy with the way this turned out.  I'll have to admit, I was kind of pulling for the one with the warmer color palette, but I really think this version fits the mood of our event.  It feels like cool summer breezes and lounge-y, xylophone-y tropical music.  I cannot wait to show you what we've been working on!I love the pool envelopes, too!  So cute!

Photo Credit: Allison Beilke

26 June, 2011

Baby {Shower} by Goldiluxe: Inspiration Board

Armed with Allison's brilliant invitation, I put together this inspiration board on Pinterest.  I really wanted to design a chic little party that was also incredibly fun!  I also really wanted to use a more non-traditionally "baby girl" color palette.  We were so lucky that Carrie was so awesomely open to our ideas.  We settled on shades of lavender, green and blue.  Take a look at some of my favorite images from the board, y'all.

Photo Credits:

1.  lavender sweets: Amy Atlas Blog, via google.com
2.  baby shower invite rendering: Allison C. Beilke
3.  baby shower scene:  Martha Stewart
4.  woodland stripe lavender fabric: Allison C. Beilke, via Spoonflower
5.  pennant bunting: Trisha Brink Designs
6.  marshmallow pops:  Amy Atlas Designs via You're Invited Events

23 June, 2011

Tiki Weekend: An Inspiration Sneaky Peeky

Hey all!  We have been busy busy here at Goldiluxe!  Planning for Tiki Weekend is wrapping up and the builds have begun!  But, before I get into that, I thought I might share a couple of images from our upcoming Inspiration Board post.

As most of you know, I joined Pinterest awhile ago and am LOVING it!  I deviated from my usual process and built my inspiration board there!  The result was wonderful!  You, of course can judge for yourself a little later...

This brilliant little idea comes from Style Me Pretty via the blog Creature Comforts (and was actually from a guest post by Miss Kayte Terry.  She can be found here, here and here.)  Creature Comforts is a brilliant little style/inspiration/DIY blog and honey, it's like she's writing it for me.  We made some significant changes to this idea to fit our theme and our overall aesthetic and I think it worked out really well.  I am, of course working on a how-to post for our version of this, so I'll be able to tell you all about it.  Stay tuned!

These little guys came to me from my favorite baking supplies shop, Chicago's Layer Cake Shop.  While I did end up purchasing about a billion of these little guys, this picture really help us distill our vision.  For me, it reminded me to add texture, color and a little spice to our design.  And most importantly, they're ah-dorable!

So there you have it, your first peek into our 'Tiki Weekend' inspiration board.

16 June, 2011

Tiki Weekend: A Tale of Two Invites

Hello there, my precious Goldilous!  I thought y'all might be interested to see what we have been up to, here at Goldiluxe!  As some of you may know (especially those of you following me on Pinterest) Allison and I are teaming up for a tiki party!  Can I just say how much fun I'm having with this one!  So much so, that we've come up with two invites!  Here's your first look:

I love this one!  I love the bright, warm color palette.  When I look at it, I think of the colors in the travel posters of the later 50's and 60's.  The hibiscus flowers at top and the little tiki idol guys at the bottom really bring it home for me.  But, then there's this...

It's pretty great, right?!  You'll notice the cute pineapple, lime, olive border at the top...taken straight outta Allison's Tiki Weekend fabric (so freakin' cute, bee tee dubs).  I really love the soft ombre effect in the background of this invite.  And the big tiki idol has got to be my favorite thing about this invite.  Even though it's a decidedly cooler color palette than the first one, I still think it says, "Retro summer fun over here!"

We'll choose our invite and send them in beautiful pool envelopes from Paper Source.

I can't wait to share more Tiki fabulousness with you!

09 June, 2011

Some News...

Hello, darlings!  How I've missed you!  These last few weeks have been super busy for us here at Goldiluxe.  We have been designing our little tushies off with no end in sight.  Sadly, that means I have neglected you.  Well, let me be honest when I say that I have sooo many amazing things to share with you! 

Now, I know that I have, quite possibly, the most fabulously stylish and creative readers in the history of ever!  I know that, you know that and now I want to share your soiree brilliance with the whole blog-o-sphere!  So I'm sooo happy to introduce to you a new, regular segment:

Luxe Life

I want to see what you've been up to, so we are finally open for submissions!  No event is to small!  While our new electronic infrastructure is being redesigned, I suggest you get on over to Twitter, follow me and message me for details!  For now, you can click on the "Luxe Life" tab for guidelines.

I cannot wait to see what you have up your little sleeves!