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Well, hello there!

We are thrilled to be accepting submissions here at Goldiluxe.  Let me tell you a little bit about what we're looking for:

EVENTS: Weddings, dinner parties, kids' name it!  We are interested in how you celebrate your Luxe Life.  Get it?

Now, for the meat and potatoes:

1. Give me that info: Please include your name and type of event along with the date and location.

2.  Share those photos: We'd prefer to receive a zipped file of no more than 15 images.  We can only accept JPG, PNG, or GIF files at the moment.  PLEASE, no Microsoft Office files or PDFs. Also, please choose images of key elements you feel clearly articulate your vision. 

3.  Give good word:  We want to know what you were thinking!  The more I get to know your event, the better.  Need some help?  Start by telling me about the photos you've sent.  What was the theme?  Which elements are you most proud of?  Did you DIY or did you source to a designer?  If you did DIY, do you have some tips and tricks?  What really worked?  What didn't? 

4.  Share the wealth: Vendors, vendors vendors!  We want to know where you found (and who made) the things that made your event outstanding!  Did you DIY?  Awesome!  Tell us where you found your supplies.  I'll tell you something though...I can only consider photo submissions in which the photographer is properly credited.  ( I'm serious, even if it's you.)

If you need more clarification, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to help.  I can even help you choose photos, if you like.

Send your submissions to:

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