28 February, 2011

Goldiluxe Explains: Catching the Train

Here's a little glossary action for your Monday afternoon:

Cathedral: Train extends nine feet from waistline; often dictates a very long, straight aisle.  Most dresses with cathedral trains will offer a bustling option or a detachable train.  This will allow for less restricted movement during the reception.

Ah, St. Pucchi

Semi-Cathedral: Length is usually half way between cathedral and chapel length.  Extends between seven and eight feet from waist.

Again, with the St. Pucchi

Chapel: Extends six to eight feet from waist...which translates to about three or four feet behind bride.  This is the most popular train length for modern brides.  You still get the beauty of a full train without the overly-cumbersome characteristic of more traditional train lengths.

A little Ines de Santo

Sweep: Extends just a foot or so behind the bride.

 Well, there you have it.  A crash course on train length lingo.  I hope it helps!

All photos via www.brides.com.

A Little Love from Our Friends!

We got a little shout out from our friends at Kate Funk!  Miss Kate got hitched on 2/13 in sunny Las Vegas.  We had a blast and everything was sooo beautiful. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to help such a great friend!  Check out her blog for lots of super cute wedding eye-candy.

25 February, 2011

You Asked For It: Bouquet Bliss

I love the blog.  There are sooo many types of flowers to choose from.  How do I know what I want my bouquet to look like?  And the bmaids?  Do you know what kind of bouquets are out there?  Help!

Hi there! I certainly can give you an idea of the types of bouquets out there.  I've seen quite a few and they've all been lovely.  The best advice I can give you is this:

If you aren't using a wedding planner or designer, shop around until you find a really fantastic florist.  One you trust.  If you're feeling overwhelmed, let your florist help guide you.  They're the professionals, give them a little room to get creative.  I guarantee they'll show you the most beautiful flowers you never knew you wanted.

Now to answer your question....

Nosegay: Hand tied (often with ribbon or cord), round bouquet-usually 6-16 inches in diameter. This is one of the more common and popular bouquet styles.  Although modern styles stray from this, a nosegay is tied close to the blossoms and stems remain hidden

2. Cascade: Free form shape with central part toward the top or middle and has flowers or ribbons that trail down the front or bottom of the bouquet. A traditional cascade is longer than it is wide.Often thought of as old fashioned, the cascade has been making a comeback with some fresh, contemporary twists.

3.  Hand Tied: Flowers loosely tied with ribbon, showcasing the stems. Hand tied bouquets differ from nosegays because the stems stay long and the ribbon is typically adorned with pins, brooches and other jazzicles ( a new favorite term of mine)

4. Pageant: Long stemmed flowers loosely bundled and cradled in the arms.

These are the four most popular bouquet styles.  But, thanks to how brilliantly awesome today's florists are, you can count on breathtaking variations and contemporary twists on anything!  I hope this helps, doll!

Photo Credit:
1. Nosegay: Good Housekeeping, photography by Anna Williams
2. Cascade: Modern Day Floral, photography by Dusty Brown Photography
3. Hand Tied: Wedding Flowers
4. Pageant: The Knot

23 February, 2011

Vera Wang at David's Bridal

Oh, you heard me right.  Vera Wang has launched her long anticipated White by Vera Wang line at the big box David's Bridal.

From the Vera Wang Newsletter:

“I want to bring freedom to weddings. There are no rules for me. Colors, fabrics, textures architecture, femininity – all are blended together in unexpected ways in every one of my designs… I am proud to be able to bring my designs to more women everywhere through the White by Vera Wang collection.” – Vera Wang.

With gowns priced between $600-$1,400, and colors from soft white to ivory to
blush, every bride now has the opportunity to wear the designer dress of her dreams. 
It doesn't stop there, friends.  No, no.

The line also features sashes, veils and headpieces, ranging from $38 to $248. White by Vera Wang gowns and accessories are available at 150 select stores nationwide, and can be special ordered at any David’s Bridal location.
Oh my, yes!  Wanna see my favorites from the collection?

I love these dresses!  Love em too?  Well I'd get over to David's Bridal and see if your local store is one of the 150 select stores carrying the line.

 Photo Credit: onewed dot com

Goldiluxe Explains: The First One

As you all know, wedding season is nearly upon us.  As such, I am receiving the usual influx of questions from the betrothed asking me to define certain wedding specific words and phrases.  In these situations I usually respond individually...but something tells me some of you may be asking yourselves the same questions....so....

Welcome to my new feature!  Yay!  Oh, and the best part?  You get your answer without a lot of lip from me.  If you want my opinion, you can send me a message.

So let's get started...

Escort Card: A small card used at the reception to direct your guests to their assigned table.  Escort cards are most commonly arranged alphabetically on a table near the reception's entrance or guest book. 

How about a bonus?  Hmm?

Place Card: A small card used at the reception to guide your guests to their assigned seat at their table. Place cards, because they appear at the table are typically addressed more casually ("Adam" instead of "Mr. Adam Schiff").

Photo Credit: All photos from Style Me Pretty
Escort Card- Design by Sweet Life Designs, Photography by Creative Push, Floral Design by Brocade Designs
Place Card- Photography by Picotte Photography

22 February, 2011

You Asked For It: Take a Seat...I Think

What are those awesomely spindle-y chairs I like?  I seriously want, like a million of them.  Help!

Well...darlin', I'm not sure.  P.S.  I LOVE you for sending me such an adorably befuddling question.  I'm going to take a stab at this and say definitively, "The awesomely spindle-y chairs you like are these."

I give you in all their lusciousness...Chivari chairs!

Designed in 1807 by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi to be light weight and utilitarian, the Chivari chair has become a symbol of elegance.  This sweet little seat gets its name from the charming Italian town from which the design originates.  Originally made of cherry wood, today's Chivari chair can be found in a variety of finishes and materials.

Ba Bam! Chairs at work:

I know, right?!  Ba Bam!  More Chairs!

Here you go, honey, now get out there and get working on those million chairs!

All photos from the knot dot com.

Designer Love: Selia Yang

It's dreary here (after several days of gorgeous...sad flute) and as such, I am feeling dreamy.  What better way to indulge this feeling than with wedding eye candy.  Today I give you....Selia Yang!

From the Website:

     "Selia Yang is such a talented and energetic designer.  The quality of her work and design aesthetic is a unique addition to the bridal fashion industry". Michele Spielman- American Designer and Bridal Buyer, Saks Fifth Avenue

"The best kept secret in the city is Selia Yang." Daily Candy fashion news website.

Boom, baby!

1.Tulin.  *Sigh*.  I first saw this dress in an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  I loved it from the word go.  It's just exquisite.  Although for some, the sheath dress can be a bit of a hurdle, I think that this lends itself quite nicely to a variety of body types.  Again with the deeper plunge (I know, but couldn't you just die?!) I would have to reiterate the need for a great undergarment.  And a good seamstress with a killer knack for alterations.  A high glam dress like this is not to be trifled with.  Available in white, beige or champagne (omg, can you imagine?!) and lovelied up with feathers (*gasp*, I. Love.) and all over deliciousness, this floor length dress is a knockout.

2. The Keryn.  I die!  The shoulder detail on this dress is dramatic and dreamy but, note that it does not fight with the rest of the dress.  This is an asymmetrical look I can get behind.  For me, the whole thing looks like smoke.  Beautiful, billowy smokin' hot smoke.  It's a little mermaid-y and slinky, so I warn the body-conscious bride.  But, trust me when I say that self-confidence can make anything shine 100x as brightly! Meow!

3.  The Selma.  Ah, me...drink it in.  I'm not terribly floral, but honey, the detail on this dress is like buttah.  Just totally bananas.  This seriously beautiful shape is good for a lot of brides, but being rather busty, the plunge makes me a bit nervous, so I'd really have to caution the "well endowed".  But, a great undergarment can work some serious magic.

All photos from onewed dot com

17 February, 2011

Trend or Foe: Tiaras

I am STILL seeing tiaras in bridal magazines. I usually try not to style brides with tiaras. I like to save them for royalty and 7 year old girls' birthday parties. Especially when there are such totally fab alternatives out there.  Have you had enough tiaras?  Or do you love them?

While your deciding...from the glossies:


OR this...

Now you tell me, Tiaras: Trend or Foe?
Photo Credits (From top):