23 November, 2010

From the Trenches: Hair Affair

E:  Hey!  I am trying to book with a stylist for the big day.  How can I make sure everything goes smoothly?

Hello, doll!  Thanks for reading.  Now on to your question:

I don't know if it's my theatre background or my love of the 80's TV show Dallas, but I have always loved hair and makeup.  Even if only in my mind, I spent most of my formative years living by the phrase "the bigger the hair, the warmer the heart".  At the tender age of 3, I rocked the biggest, baddest afro puffs on the farm, y'all.  Makeovers were my sleepover bonding ritual of choice. So yes, dear reader, I have plenty in my hair/makeup arsenal.

Here are my five biggest, most helpful tips:

1.  Leave it to the professionals.  When you find someone you like, talk with them.  About your dress and theme for sure, but more importantly, about your style.  When you meet, bring your veil and accessories.  Doing this will give you and your stylist the best possible chance for success.

2.  Prepare your hair.  Be sure to get a conditioning treatment before your wedding.  My stylist recommends going in a week in advance.  If you are going to get a haircut, do it at least 3-4 weeks in advance.  This will give you a chance to grow accustomed to the new length.  And, as we all know, hair needs time to settle down and allow itself to be styled.

3.  Put it on trial.  Book yourself a bridal trial appointment with your stylist(s).  Your hair needs to be two things: exactly what you want and able to withstand the day.  It will be the best money you ever spend at a salon.  Ever.  Also, take pictures.  Front, back, sides, with the veil, without the veil...you get the point, yes? 

4.  Turn it down a notch.  Three days before your wedding is maybe not the best time to experiment with hot pink hair dye. Or to cut your hair into a rock and roll shag.  Now, if you want to try something bold and new, do it!  Just leave yourself enough time in case you decide the ice blue extensions weren't the best idea you've ever had.

5.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  My father's favorite saying...and ever so apropos.  You.  Are.  Beautiful.  Already.  Just as you are.  Try not to go overboard with the makeup.  You want to look like you, just an ever so slightly more fab version of you.  Your stylist should be able to enhance the best parts of that gorgeous face of yours without turning you into someone you don't recognize.

There you have it. I hope this helps.

Photo credit: This is ME.  Yikes.  Thank God for B&W.  And of course for Front Room Photography.  They say they aren't miracle workers, but they made me into something photogenic, didn't they?

22 November, 2010

Beauty Bathed in Gold

I happened upon this little lovely whilst scouring the Design Within Reach website for a desk to put in my office (currently under renovation).

Boom, baby!  This exquisite set from Skitsch is designed by the brilliant Front (a group of three Swedish designers) and is a DWR exclusive.  The brilliance of this literally kills me dead.  I am living for this...well, I like anything with "dipped in a gold bath" in the product description.  Although pricey (the large carafe alone will set you back 70 clams), it would totes make an incredible wedding (or 29th birthday...anyone...Bueller?) present.  The Midas collection will join this on my "Gorgeous Things to Pile Into My Modern Day Pyramid" list.

Photo credit: Design Within Reach dot com


09 November, 2010

Save the Dates: Friend or Fiend

Hello, Darlings!  You have been flooding my inbox with invitation questions lately.  Never fear.  Your questions have spurred some posts that will hopefully decode some of the mystery surrounding invitations.  So to answer your questions:

Today a word about Save the Dates.

If I had to pick the question I get most often- it would have to be, "Do I really need a Save the Date card?" And the follow up question: "Are they necessary.....I mean it's just another expense, right?" I tend to recommend them, so my answer is usually the same. It goes a little bit something like this: "Don't we want to do all we can to assist everyone we've invited in attending? Look, truth is everybody's busy. Everybody. So, it stands to reason the more lead time they're given, the more likely they'll be able to attend."

Now, I'm in no way advocating the use of  letterpressed, solid gold save the date cards nestled in a box made of pythons.  There are so many things you can to do save a little green while your guests are busy saving the date. Well designed magnets and postcards are two of my favorite ideas and are perfect for the budget savvy bride.

My piece of advice? Well, today you get more than one. First, your Save the Dates should hit the mail approximately 2 to 4 months before your invites go out. So, in real people time, about 4 to 6 months before your wedding. I'd say for those of you having destination weddings stick with six months. Use your judgment and if you're unsure, err on the side of giving guests more time.

Finally, Keep it simple. You're only asking your guests to save the date. Give them a taste of your event and then leave them wanting more. You've spent a lot of time putting the whole shebang together, so play it close to the chest. Also, don't wait for a response. You won't get one. Your guests will eagerly reply when their invites arrive.

Photo credit: That is MY save the date card in all it's glory.  Also, I took that photo, so please excuse the oddness of it....

08 November, 2010

Let This Serve as a Reminder....

AC (the fantastically handsome feline model), reminds us that November is well underway.  We all know November brings with it the start of the holiday season (even though it's 60 degrees here in MKE and my holiday bone is still buried) .  It's time to break out the gold chargers, dust off the 'fancy' recipe book and plan those holiday parties.

This November I hope to not only share with you some of my tips and tricks for a fuss-free Thanksgiving, I will be sharing some mood boards and sketches for upcoming festivities.  I also hope to give you some really wonderful how-to's and gift ideas.  I'm sooo excited to get started!

Want some more AC?  Well, you know, he has a blog.  And a calendar.  And his Momma is a friend of mine.

Photo credit: Katefunk dot etsy dot com (it's a picture of a Thanksgiving Day card I'm dying to buy)

I Saw the Signs...

Hello, dolls!

Ohmygawd, I am loving these cute signs that have been popping up all over the wed-o-sphere! In fact, I think I may be including some in my designs for a country-chic themed reception I've been working on.  I've included three of my Etsy favorites below.

1.  The Ritzy Rose.  I LOVE this one!  How cute is this.  J'adore!  What a lovely way to put the guests wise to all their favorite parts of the event.   
2.  Family Attic.  My favorite thing about this is the vintage feel.  I like that its not overwhelmingly shabby chic (not my favorite flavor), but the weathered feel would add nicely to any rustic, outdoorsy event.
3.  Our Hobby to Your Home.  So, cute.  I really appreciate the clean, chic look of this.  I'd like it even more, smack dab in the middle of a flower bed. 

All three of these little lovelies are winners for me and I suggest you go on over to the shops and see for yourself!

All photos belong to the etsy sellers...

02 November, 2010

A Message From Goldiluxe:

 Good Morning, dolls!

First, a statement:  I just wanted to remind you all to get out there and vote!  Vote, vote, vote!  Remind your friends and family!  We have a right that so many people all over the world are fighting and, quite literally, dying to have.  So, let's exercise it, already!  Who's with me?

Now, a caveat: I don't care who you vote for.  I really don't.  I will love you all, donkey or elephant.  But, I do care how you vote.  I want you to use that big, beautiful brain of yours.  I want you to turn off your TVs, drown out the pundits and make up your own mind.  We owe it to ourselves to make the most informed choice we can.  Isn't that what makes this country great, our right to think for ourselves?!  And lets face it, our country needs us this year.

Now, get out and vote.  Let Washington hear that big, beautiful voice of yours!  And honey, if nothing else, I know that voting never goes out of style.