30 June, 2010

Perfectly Marvelous!

The most supremely beautiful, unbelievable exquisite, perfectly marvelous wedding I think I've ever seen! Take one look at this and tell me you aren't inspired, I dare ya!

This is Eunice Moyle's (Name sound familiar? It should. She's the co-founder of Hello! Lucky stationery.) fantastically whimsical wedding.

Click here for the amazing-ness! I had seen some of this wedding in the Martha Wedding mag, but a big thanks to reader Allison for putting me wise to the whole shebang. Love!

29 June, 2010

Your OWN Native Son

As many of you may know, the ever-fab Oprah Winfrey is launching a new network called OWN. Never dull, she has launched a contest called "Your OWN Show". The idea is, you audition, share your love of _________(insert awesomeness here) with the world and you could win your own show. I love this idea. Love it. So what's this got to do with us?

Milwaukee event design heavyweight David Caruso of Dynamic Events has entered the contest! Yay! He is such a wonderful asset to the Milwaukee wedding scene and it would be so incredible to see him on TV, sharing his knowledge with the world.

Unfortunately that won't happen if we don't vote! So, go here or here to watch his adorable audition video and receive voting instructions. Let's rally together and support on of our own, Milwaukee!

23 June, 2010

Topper the Mornin'

If you know me, you know I'm not a big fan of cutesy. Cute, fine. Kitschy, fine. Cutesy? No thank you. Nowhere is that more evident than in my staunch opposition to traditional cake toppers. I really don't like 'em. No monograms, no bride and grooms, no sprays of crystals. However, while traipsing through the Internet today, I came upon this amazing Japanese Etsy seller, Kikuke.

Kikuke crafts cake toppers, art dolls and cake toppers. I am a sucker for Japanese influence and for unique embellishments, so this was a match made in heaven. Rather than talk about them, take a look at these adorable toppers!

How cute are these whales?!

Penguins?! Really?!

Pandas, y'all!

So cute, right? Made of clay and Swarovski crystals, these little darlings would brighten up just about any cake. It doesn't stop here, either. Among the nearly 200 items she has for sale, you'll find owls, lobsters, turtles, birds and alligators. I'm in love! Ideas are just swirling around in my head! How cute would these be at a shower or bachelorette party?

Visit Kikuke at her Etsy shop. The girl is amazing!

15 June, 2010

I'm a Ramblin' {Wo}Man

When I write, especially for this blog...well, it's a process to say the least. My crazy {read: unique} process often leads me to the predicament I am in now. Dozens of unfinished posts languishing in my dashboard. Seriously y'all, my dashboard looks like a place where great ideas go to die. So yesterday I went through them. All two million of them. I think they're pretty great so, I've decided to publish them.

I'll put three or four of them together in one post. They may all be about the same topics or they may be random groupings of wedding planning related ramblings. You might notice a slightly different tone in some of my writing. Well, all I can say is sometimes it's hard to be so Martha freaking Stewart all the time. You try it and you'll see what I mean. My sense of humor doesn't mean I don't mean every darn word. All in all, I think they'll be pretty entertaining.

So, here goes:

If I have to hear "Amazed" by Lonestar used for one more country wedding First Dance, I'm going to freaking lose it. Here's a tip B's and G's, try to find music that suits you as a couple. Use those beautiful brains of yours. Don't let your DJ or band talk you into what's "popular" or "trendy". They are workin' for you not the other way around. One of the best weddings I ever went to, the couple danced to "Quiche Lorraine" by the B-52's. Seriously, cupcakes. The B-52's. I nearly had an 80's-gasm. It was worth it.


Brides. Please, oh, please consider your 'maids. They love you and they're putting up with a lot of your Bridey crap right now. So, maybe you can find a dress for them to wear that isn't $400. That, and maybe you can let them pick out their own dresses. C'mon, what do you say? They are your bridesmaid because of the truly awesome and unique people they are, right? And, no, they can't just shorten it and wear it again.


No more princess tiaras. Ever! You are so beautiful and so stylish and you can do better, right? Just look at all the bridal hair splendor that surrounds you. Don't know where to start? How about with these links:

14 June, 2010

Exciting News!

Omg, y'all!

So, you've probably heard me talking (at length) about this blog. Well, as you may know, all of June is Wedding Month at Haute Apple Pie! It's a super-fab idea and I am pleased to announce that you're friendly neighborhood wedding blogger will be part of the extremely stylish action!

That's right folks, tune in to Haute Apple Pie on Friday June 25th and you'll see me! Our wedding is to be featured as a "Haute Wedding" and I'll be adding some tips and tricks of the trade to help you pull off a swanky little wedding of your own. I'm so excited!

I'll post a reminder as we get closer to the day.

You know what? Scratch that. Get your stylish little bottoms over there now and you'll be so addicted you won't need my reminder. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

A Long Time Gone

Hello darlings!

It feels so good to be back. However, I think y'all deserve an explanation as to my ridiculously long absence.

Here goes:

1. I needed to take a step back for a little while to just clear my head, regroup my thoughts and get back in the saddle. I really don't want to do things if I can't do them well and I really need to do this well.

2. We adopted a kitten almost two weeks ago. She's adorable. Seriously adorable. She's taken up most of my time what with baby proofing the house, socializing her with Rosie, keeping her from tearing apart my Pottery Barn drapes and all.

I'm Roxie! Nice to meet you!

3. I am overhauling my business. The Hubbs has finally decided to go back to school here in MKE! Yay! I am really grateful because now I have a clear path and a big 'ol green light. I am gathering bids for blog redesign, working on contracts and distilling my vision and mission into something a little more me. I'm also working on a marketing/branding strategy! So much work! It has been really rewarding to watch this come together over the last two years.

4. I'm redecorating the office! Yay! An ongoing process, but since I will not be in a store front for some time...it's an important one! Here is what my desk looks like!

Can you see how much trouble I'm having editing at this point?!

5. Rescuing my bathroom. The bathroom doesn't vent out the moisture so, now the paint has started to come off the wall due to moisture. It's awful. And time consuming. I may have cried more than once just looking at it.

Wow. Just unbelievable, horrific wow.

6. I've taken time off planning events to...wait for it...here it comes...write a book! It's something that I've always wanted to do and lately I've been feeling like I won't feel complete as a person if I don't give it a shot. A real shot. I have books and books filled with stories. Some done. Some undone, some good, some not so good. I've gotten a really great start and I am feeling great about it. You know, it's weird to say it out loud, but there it is. I'd love to give you the details, but you'll have to wait. Writing has always been a huge source of comfort and release for me. It feels great to be doing it again.

So there you have it. I have a big week planned for us, so let's get started, shall we?

02 June, 2010

New {Blog} Love

Hey y'all! I'm sorry I've been so silent these last weeks. I've been super mega-busy and have had perhaps one too many balls in the air. I'll never leave you for so long again...or will I?

Enough of that. I wanted to put you wise to one of the best things to happen to wedding blogging since me (Lord. Wouldn't it be crazy if I was like that?!). Introducing the best thing to happen to wedding blogging in ever! Ta Da:

Plumage Blog! I love, love, LOVE Plumage! This blog is the latest offering from the DIY Wedding genius behind DIY Bride (incidentally one of my favorite wedding websites), Khris Cochran. Khris has also written and published two incredibly helpful and wildly successful books, The DIY Bride and The DIY Bride: Crafty Countdown. Basically, she's amazing and has given hope to tons of DIY wedding hopefuls all over (myself included)!

Plumage Blog carves out a fabulous and fashionable niche for the Plus Sized bride. It's unapologetically fresh and unimaginably helpful. Among my favorite features is a list of designers with an array of plus-sized gowns. Listed. By. Size. There is not enough I can say about this blog. The plus-sized bride is often humiliated, shamed, ridiculed, overlooked and undervalued. Having a resource like this, full of positive, look-how-fierce-you-are energy is invaluable to the plus sized bridal community. Check out the website for all the awesomeness!

Here are the deets, y'all!

Visit the Website
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Check out this site, darlings. You will be sooo glad you did.