26 April, 2012

First Look: Citrus Celebration

As you are probably aware, last week we were hard at work on an adorable citrus-themed wedding.  It turned out beautifully and now I find myself too excited to wait until the pictures come back...So, I've decided to give you a little sneaky peeky of the beauty to come!  Here are three of my private images of the event.

A little teaser of the 'guest book' table.  Our clever little Bride purchased the paper flowers and the guest book tree from etsy sellers. (Vendors will be featured in the post to come, don't worry!)

Here you can see just a peek of the favor table.  Our couple chose matchbook seed packets as favors.  I LOVED them.  As you can see, they are super cute and really well designed.  (Again, we'll feature the etsy seller in the full length post about this event)

This is one of my favorite images of the evening.  I'm just so proud of the way this looks.  The lanterns are exactly what I had imagined for this event and I'm so happy we pulled it off so beautifully.  I don't mind saying that the candle effect on the tables is one of my all time favorite effects.  Dim lighting, festive music and hundreds of candles glittering like stars.  Le sigh...the glow...

Well, dolls, I hope that satiates your appetite for Citrus Celebration.  I cannot WAIT to show you the rest of the images.  I think you're going to love it!

23 April, 2012

You Asked For It: Style Roundup

Hi, gang!  I hope you enjoyed Wednesday's little roundup.  You ask the best questions and today I'm answering your questions about bridal style!

I'm having trouble picking a 'maids dress that looks good on everybody, what should I do?
Well, darlin', I think you should give the 'maids your color choice and let them pick their own dresses.  You chose them because of their totally awesome, totally unique personalities, right?  Why not let those personalities shine through?  If your worried about it, have them send you a pic of the dress...

Are tiaras really that terrible for a wedding?  I really want to wear one...
In my opinion, tiaras should be left to children and royalty.  If we're being honest, I think you should opt for a less obnoxious adornment.  Like this.
 Some loveliness from Siman Tu.

 But hey, if a tiara makes you feel beautiful, sexy and confident on your wedding day, who am I to take that from you?

I'm having a beach wedding.  I found the cutest heels online.  Appropriate?
Umm, no.  No heels at the beach.  Save the heels for the reception.  Or, set up the ceremony on a little platform...but, really, consider flats.  Ones with some color and pizazz.  Like these...

I want a non-ridiculous, hip wedding dress.  Where do you suggest I look?
Hmm...non ridiculous...you'll have to trust my judgement on this but I'd suggest starting here:

I'm loving this dress by Trina Turk
Ooh, also this one by Kate Spade

Why don't you try looking here:

Do you recommend purchasing wedding attire online?  
Yes and no.  Frankly, I feel more comfortable when I try event clothing on before purchasing.  However, with research, communication and a reputable seller/designer, online experiences can be just as rewarding.  I will say that with online purchases, especially those that involve custom dresses, you should allow a significant amount of time.  I want you to be prepared if a problem arises.  You'll need time to fix the mistake.

Hey, G.  These or These?
Ooh, I really like the second ones. I'd like to see them with a birdcage veil and a hairstyle kind of like this:

I have a great dress.  I want to style it up with some shoes (preferably in a bold color) and a great clutch.  Any suggestions?

Well, sure!  I'm really into springy colors right now, so how about a few to get you started?
How about these?
bibi lou via BHLDN
Or this adorable clutch from DVF?

or these, if green's not really your thing...

Does Goldiluxe style brides and bridal parties?
We'd love to!  Why don't you e-mail me with a few more details and we can set up a meeting.  Sound good?
I am in love with this dress for my maids...do you think this would be an okay neckline for some of my bustier 'maids?
 First off, I am living for this dress!  But, as a busty gal myself, I will say this neckline frightens me a bit.  I'm instantly concerned about what bra I'd wear with it and how that neckline would really sit once I crammed the twins in there.  For me personally, this dress would be a hot mess.  But, I'd show the picture to the 'maids in question.  What do they say?  If they express some concerns, maybe you could find a similar dress and have them try it on.  Then you'll know whether to proceed with this one...

Another successful roundup, but I still have way more questions to answer!  How about tomorrow we tackle some of your inquiries about logistics?!

18 April, 2012

You Asked For It: The Questionnaire

So, in my absence, your questions have been piling up like whoa.  When you cuties write to me, sometimes, your questions don't require my usual wordy answers.  I typically answer them directly and send you on your way, but this week I've decided to do a series of roundups.  The first, being a collection of questions you've asked about me.  My tastes, my day, my goals-my goodness, you are curious little devils, aren't you?

Here we go!

What is your least favorite color-combo? A, Delaware
I have two.  Cocoa/Pink & Cocoa/Turquoise

What's the deal with all the retro-inspired stuff? K, Nebraska
It's a total obsesh.  Can't help it.

White or ecru? J, Nevada
Ecru, unless the design is just screaming for white. 

What is the best part of your day? S, Wisconsin
Well, the best part of Monday was when Allison and I were sitting on the floor, working on lantern rigging and I coined the term 'smarmageddon'.

When do we get more pics of your cats? M, Wisconsin
How about now?

Cranky GoldiPets on their favorite blankie.  They were not pleased to be 'graphed.

What's the weirdest thing that's turned up in your keyword search records? D, Kansas
I assume you mean the search that tells me how people are finding me?  If that's the case, 10 people have found me by searching 'annoying people on Pinterest'. 

What's the hardest part of owning a small business?  B, Nebraska
Trusting myself to make the best decision for Goldiluxe's future.

What's your dream for Goldiluxe? N, Vermont
I dream that Goldiluxe will become a giant, glittering design house, full of amazing Lucite writing desks, lit from the bottom and luxurious chevron-patterned rugs.  We will design All The Things and have our own clothing line.  Also homemade, organic body care products. I've got big dreams, baby!

What's your favorite mascara ('cause I need a new one)? GoldiMom, Nebraska
This one!

Diorshow Black Out Mascara by Dior.  One of the three things I would take to a deserted island.  

Wow, that was really, super fun! As always, I love hearing from you and I will answer just about anything!  If you've got some burning questions leave 'em in the comments or drop me a line at goldiluxeevents@gmail.com

Tomorrow's roundup will feature your questions about wedding style!  Can't wait!!

16 April, 2012

Working For the Weekend: Citrus Celebration

Hey, gang!

I was knee deep in design mode today and I was feeling pretty great.  I thought I'd share a quick pic of my progress:

Working out a light plot for this weekend.  Big thanks to Miss Allison for putting this into Illustrator for me!

Scrutinizing a little card box I made.  It's pretty freaking cute in person.  Bridey loves it and that made my day!

04 April, 2012

Follow Up Awesomeness: Ryan Gosling Edition

So, remember this?  Well, that's nothing.  Today, whilst wandering the beauty that is Pinterest, I stumbled upon: Handmade Ryan Gosling.  It's totally hilar.  Here are my favsies:

So, anyone who knows me, knows that this is my own private Idaho. Seriously, just don't use my fabric scissors for paper.  It will get cray-cray up in here.

The Hubbs has literally said this to me on a number of occasions.

That's love, people.  Sorting through vintage buttons.

So, head on over to Handmade Ryan Gosling for more deliciousness.  I hear they'll also let you submit your own.  Oh, and by the way, did you hear he saved a woman from being hit by a taxi yesterday?  Yep.  Actor, singer, freaking hero.  You heard it here first, people.

Photo credits: all photos handmade ryan gosling via oh you crafty gal (which is an awesome blog, yo)