19 January, 2011

Technoluxe: Corkulous!

I love Corkulous!  Like, I love it, love it.

From the Appigo website:

Corkulous™ idea board for the iPad gives you an incredible new way to collect, organize, and share your ideas.

Basically, you choose a blank "cork board" and go to town.  You can organize all your thoughts and ideas in a central location.  It accomplishes this through a series of fun, easy to use elements.  These elements include:

Tasks: create a to-do list
Notes: for longer thoughts, impressions and ideas
Contacts: allows you to add contacts from your iPad
Photos: allows you to choose from the photos on your iPad
Labels: quick thoughts
Boards: gives you all the room you need

It's super easy to use, too.  In a matter of a couple hours, I was able to put together preliminary story boards for two events I'm designing.  I took my iPad to a bridal shower over the weekend and was able to have an entire design meeting with the MOB.  She is very visual, so it was easy for her to scroll around my board, check out my inspiration, read my specific ideas and ask me questions.  During the course of our chat, I was able to whip up a quick to-do list.  The best part?  There are tons of ways to share your boards.  You can e-mail as a .pdf, save as a photo, print, export to iTunes File Share...

So, at $4.99, I would totally recommend Corkulous.  It's a fun, stylish way to organize your thoughts and make them a little more mobile.

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