09 June, 2011

Some News...

Hello, darlings!  How I've missed you!  These last few weeks have been super busy for us here at Goldiluxe.  We have been designing our little tushies off with no end in sight.  Sadly, that means I have neglected you.  Well, let me be honest when I say that I have sooo many amazing things to share with you! 

Now, I know that I have, quite possibly, the most fabulously stylish and creative readers in the history of ever!  I know that, you know that and now I want to share your soiree brilliance with the whole blog-o-sphere!  So I'm sooo happy to introduce to you a new, regular segment:

Luxe Life

I want to see what you've been up to, so we are finally open for submissions!  No event is to small!  While our new electronic infrastructure is being redesigned, I suggest you get on over to Twitter, follow me and message me for details!  For now, you can click on the "Luxe Life" tab for guidelines.

I cannot wait to see what you have up your little sleeves!

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