28 June, 2011

Goldiluxe Explains: Skirting the Issue

Hello, Darlings!
Let's get to it, shall we?  I thought that since we are in the middle of bridal season, I might share some info with those of you hunting for the perfect gown.  Enjoy:

{Full}  Most often floor length, the full skirt is gathered at the waist and gets its name from the volume added by layers of fabric.  A full skirt will usually have a decidedly triangular silhouette.  The type of skirt is figure-flattering on most brides, as it creates a more narrow waist.  However, I caution Petites-the proportion (read: volume) can easily overwhelm a small frame.

Loving the voluminous skirt on this Vera Wang.  Lovely, no?

{A-Line} Put simply, the a-line skirt consists of a fitted top and flared bottom.  This type of skirt is a very elongating style and can flatter most body types.  The best characteristic of an A-Line skirt is its versatility.  The modern A-Line can be full, narrow or modified.  Remember, the type of A-Line you purchase will inevitably determine the need and type of train or bustle.

This narrower, modified A-line is breezy and totally delish!

{Mermaid}  A typical mermaid style dress is fitted at the bodice down through the hips.  The skirt begins its signature flare at about mid-calf.  This type of dress can really amp up those curves!  Though it can work for many body types, confidence and poise is what really sets this style on fire.  Definitely one for the bolder bride.

Totally gorgeous mermaid from (one of my favorite design houses) La Sposa.  Swoon!

{Circular} A fully circular skirt is, as described, where the hem forms a full circle: as the length of the skirt increases, so will the size of the circle and its circumference, so increasing the amount of fullness.  This helps give the skirt its billowy look.  Because of the loads of volume, the circular skirt can be ideal for taller brides.

Delicious circular skirt from Devota & Lomba

{Balloon}  Simply put, the balloon skirt (not to be confused with the bubble hem) is a full skirt that tapers slightly toward the hemline.

Cute, modified balloon skirt gown by Amsale

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