16 June, 2011

Tiki Weekend: A Tale of Two Invites

Hello there, my precious Goldilous!  I thought y'all might be interested to see what we have been up to, here at Goldiluxe!  As some of you may know (especially those of you following me on Pinterest) Allison and I are teaming up for a tiki party!  Can I just say how much fun I'm having with this one!  So much so, that we've come up with two invites!  Here's your first look:

I love this one!  I love the bright, warm color palette.  When I look at it, I think of the colors in the travel posters of the later 50's and 60's.  The hibiscus flowers at top and the little tiki idol guys at the bottom really bring it home for me.  But, then there's this...

It's pretty great, right?!  You'll notice the cute pineapple, lime, olive border at the top...taken straight outta Allison's Tiki Weekend fabric (so freakin' cute, bee tee dubs).  I really love the soft ombre effect in the background of this invite.  And the big tiki idol has got to be my favorite thing about this invite.  Even though it's a decidedly cooler color palette than the first one, I still think it says, "Retro summer fun over here!"

We'll choose our invite and send them in beautiful pool envelopes from Paper Source.

I can't wait to share more Tiki fabulousness with you!

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  1. Wow these are sooo cute! ; ) Can't wait for the partay