29 June, 2011

You Asked For It: The Perfect Fit{ting}

Hey there...
I love your blog.  Could use more pictures of your work though.  And if I remember correctly, you promised us baby shower pics, yes?  You should get on that.  So, I am about to go for my first fitting...any tips on making it perfect?

Well, hello Darlin'!
Believe you me, the photos they are a comin'.  I am so shamefully behind.  Ugh.

On to your question...(of course I have an opinion about fittings...I have an opinion about everything!) How 'bout I whip up a quick list?

6 Fitting Tips I Wish Someone Would Have Mentioned to Me

1. Make sure the salon's alteration policy is made crystal clear.  This is a big one, kids.  I don't care if you have to ask the same question 100 times, you and your alteration team need to be on the same page.  A dress is just fabric without the perfect fit.

2.  Most retailers will have alterations departments and are responsible for providing you with the proper fit.   If you are unsure, check with the salon first.  A well placed call can save a lot of gas and frustration.

3.  Do not panic if the dress doesn't fit properly when it comes in!  In most cases, you were likely measured four to six months before, when you placed the order.  Even slight changes in your physique can affect the fit.

4.  Be sure to wear your wedding day shoes to every fitting.  This will ensure consistent height.  Also, it's an easy way to help break in your shoes.  

5.  Wear your wedding day underpinnings to every fitting.  Again, this is a big one.  Everything you put on your body will affect the fit.  Wearing the same foundation and underpinnings will help eliminate the element of surprise on the big day and will make your alteration team's job that much easier.

6.  Relax, enjoy the process and trust in your alteration team.  You're getting married!  That and all the happy feelings associated should be your main focus.  You shouldn't be stressing out about the dress.  Besides, hovering over your alteration team won't get the job done any faster.

And a bonus tip from me:

7.  You are absolutely perfect, just as you are.  The dress doesn't make you beautiful.  Neither does the shoes, the veil, the fake tan, the makeup, the jewelry nor any of the other trappings of a wedding.  You make you beautiful.  Don't waste your time chasing the idea of "The Perfect Bride".  Believe me, if you are confident in yourself and the beauty that only you can possess, you will see The Perfect Bride.  You will see her each and every time you look in the mirror.

Good luck, my dove.  I'm rooting for you!

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