19 May, 2011

Goldiluxe Explains: Suit Up!

Hey there, Goldiluxe!

We love your blog! However, we noticed that the content is a little lady-centric, if you will. My man and I would love to read more stuff "for the boys". Just a little FYI. So, tell us, what  suity type options are out there for two fab guys like us?

Well, hello darlings! I will absolutely include more content of the manly kind. I have several exciting projects underway...I hope you'll join me!

Now, to answer your question...

{ morning coat } This is a formal option more suited to ceremonies set in the morning or early afternoon. You see morning coats usually in grey or black, but as with most things the times are a-changin'. You'll notice that a true morning coat has a broad tail in the back ( a major difference from the traditional suit). They are most commonly worn with a bow tie or an ascot.

 (The morning coat, or cutaway.  Delicious, yes?)

{ blazer} The blazer is a perfect option if you are having a more casual, non fussy affair. My advice for picking a great blazer? 1. Choose a cut and color that "suits" you. 2. Find a versatile style that will withstand the test of time.

A happy man in a blazer.  A great sight to see.

{ white tie and tails } This option is definitely the most formal and the most traditional. It is exclusively seen at evening weddings. The jacket is usually black wool with the iconic double tail silhouette.

 A gorgeous vintage album cover featuring white tie and tails. I love the 30's and, since you are reading my blog, so do you.

{ white dinner jacket } A lovely (and my personal fave) option that totes works for a number of different occasions (including:  summer, late-afternoon or evening).  Most commonly paired with a chic, black trouser.

One of the most delicious men in the history of ever, wearing what is quite possibly the single most delicious piece of men's clothing (that's right, I used "delicious" twice in the same sentence...so sue me, it's Sean Connery)

  {tuxedo } The most common attire seen in formal, late afternoon and evening weddings.

David Beckham.  Wearing a tuxedo...Armani, I think?

There you have it, darlings.  Four fab options for what I'm sure will  be a fantastic day!  I wish you all the love you can fit in the sky.  Thanks for writing me, I love getting mail...even if it is electronic.

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