28 February, 2011

Goldiluxe Explains: Catching the Train

Here's a little glossary action for your Monday afternoon:

Cathedral: Train extends nine feet from waistline; often dictates a very long, straight aisle.  Most dresses with cathedral trains will offer a bustling option or a detachable train.  This will allow for less restricted movement during the reception.

Ah, St. Pucchi

Semi-Cathedral: Length is usually half way between cathedral and chapel length.  Extends between seven and eight feet from waist.

Again, with the St. Pucchi

Chapel: Extends six to eight feet from waist...which translates to about three or four feet behind bride.  This is the most popular train length for modern brides.  You still get the beauty of a full train without the overly-cumbersome characteristic of more traditional train lengths.

A little Ines de Santo

Sweep: Extends just a foot or so behind the bride.

 Well, there you have it.  A crash course on train length lingo.  I hope it helps!

All photos via www.brides.com.

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