22 February, 2011

You Asked For It: Take a Seat...I Think

What are those awesomely spindle-y chairs I like?  I seriously want, like a million of them.  Help!

Well...darlin', I'm not sure.  P.S.  I LOVE you for sending me such an adorably befuddling question.  I'm going to take a stab at this and say definitively, "The awesomely spindle-y chairs you like are these."

I give you in all their lusciousness...Chivari chairs!

Designed in 1807 by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi to be light weight and utilitarian, the Chivari chair has become a symbol of elegance.  This sweet little seat gets its name from the charming Italian town from which the design originates.  Originally made of cherry wood, today's Chivari chair can be found in a variety of finishes and materials.

Ba Bam! Chairs at work:

I know, right?!  Ba Bam!  More Chairs!

Here you go, honey, now get out there and get working on those million chairs!

All photos from the knot dot com.

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