25 February, 2011

You Asked For It: Bouquet Bliss

I love the blog.  There are sooo many types of flowers to choose from.  How do I know what I want my bouquet to look like?  And the bmaids?  Do you know what kind of bouquets are out there?  Help!

Hi there! I certainly can give you an idea of the types of bouquets out there.  I've seen quite a few and they've all been lovely.  The best advice I can give you is this:

If you aren't using a wedding planner or designer, shop around until you find a really fantastic florist.  One you trust.  If you're feeling overwhelmed, let your florist help guide you.  They're the professionals, give them a little room to get creative.  I guarantee they'll show you the most beautiful flowers you never knew you wanted.

Now to answer your question....

Nosegay: Hand tied (often with ribbon or cord), round bouquet-usually 6-16 inches in diameter. This is one of the more common and popular bouquet styles.  Although modern styles stray from this, a nosegay is tied close to the blossoms and stems remain hidden

2. Cascade: Free form shape with central part toward the top or middle and has flowers or ribbons that trail down the front or bottom of the bouquet. A traditional cascade is longer than it is wide.Often thought of as old fashioned, the cascade has been making a comeback with some fresh, contemporary twists.

3.  Hand Tied: Flowers loosely tied with ribbon, showcasing the stems. Hand tied bouquets differ from nosegays because the stems stay long and the ribbon is typically adorned with pins, brooches and other jazzicles ( a new favorite term of mine)

4. Pageant: Long stemmed flowers loosely bundled and cradled in the arms.

These are the four most popular bouquet styles.  But, thanks to how brilliantly awesome today's florists are, you can count on breathtaking variations and contemporary twists on anything!  I hope this helps, doll!

Photo Credit:
1. Nosegay: Good Housekeeping, photography by Anna Williams
2. Cascade: Modern Day Floral, photography by Dusty Brown Photography
3. Hand Tied: Wedding Flowers
4. Pageant: The Knot

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