06 May, 2010

Great Blog and Wedding Fun!

Big news! Big BIG news!

One of Milwaukee's premier Life& Style blogs (and my personal fave) Haute Apple Pie, recently announced that the month of June will be a wedding extravaganza! When I read the tweet announcing their project (which is totally brill, by the way) I nearly choked on my Vitamin Water Zero (which was totally awkward).

The best part? The wonderful ladies of Haute Apple Pie will be...you know what? I'll just let them tell you in their one of a kind style.

Go here. All the deets are there in all their glory. But, make sure to read carefully as all good things must come to an end. So don't miss out!

Want more Haute Apple Pie (and who doesn't...)?
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  1. Aw thanks Erin...we're blushing! Interested in getting involved? We'll be in touch :)