10 May, 2010

Don't Forget to Pack a Swimsuit (Retro Edition)

There are two times a year when destination weddings dominate my thoughts. The dead of Winter (blech) and the beginning of Spring (yay!). This year, I have been having all kinds of inspiration-y thoughts about destination weddings. I've been imagining luxurious lounge furniture next to a candle lit pool with floating lily pads and drinks with little umbrellas emblazoned with the wedding couples' brand new monogram. And a lovely custom gobo for the dance floor. Ah, me...the islands.

Mostly I've been dreaming about all the adorable swimwear....like this!

I'm dying over here, this is so cute! I found this today on etsy. Fables by Barrie. San Diego, California. Drink it in. Experience it. I feel like she popped out of an Esther Williams movie.

And this!

I just squealed with delight (embarrassing). I love this swimsuit from Etsy seller, Ava Bell. I think the deep plunge is so sassy! Again, channeling Esther Williams. Love. I when I think of her, I go here...

That's right. The Esther Williams floating about in a peignoir. As a swimsuit cover-up. Which would be adorable to bring back for a poolside reception. I see paper lanterns (I know, I'm obsessed), Mai Tais and Sinapore Slings...*sigh* Mercy! Oh, vintage glam, I never tire of you. Let's never break up.

So there you have it. A little look into my inspiration for what? A destination wedding in the 40's? I'd like to think of it as a way to bring that long gone glamour to the digital age. I love it. And it's my blog.

Photo Credits:
1. Fables by Barrie (etsy shop)
2. Ava Bell (etsy shop)
3. Esther Williams dot com

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