16 October, 2012

You Asked For It: Halloween Roundup #2 (and #3)

So, I’ve been a bad blogger. So, today you get a big ‘ol roundup.  I hope you’ll forgive me!

Hey there!
Your movie list is pretty awesome.  However, so many of them are so violent and scary.  Any suggestions for a tamer crowd?
Sure.  Without knowing if you need a kid-friendly list, I’ll just wing it.  Some of my favorite Halloween-appropriate movies (with a softer side) include: Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, Shaun of the Dead (still some death, dying and zombies, but hilarious), The Worst Witch, Dead and Breakfast (this. is. hilar!) Beetlejuice, The Corpse Bride, Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow (LOVE this movie!!)

We want to do a group costume.  Any easily recognizable ideas?
Umm…off the top of my head: The cast of Clue, The Adams Family, Seven Deadly Sins (envy, greed and wrath are my favorite to personify), the cast of Anchorman, Superheroes (one year we made up our own superheroes-best group costume evah!), characters from Mad Men (or Mad Men inspired-one year Allison was a 60’s flight attendant-super cute), old timey cat burglars. I’ve got a million of ‘em.

Sexy ______ costumes? Yay or nay?
If you mean, like, sexy cop, nurse, race car driver or anything that looks like lingerie with animal ears, then nay.  I’m just not into it.  I think witty, funny, clever and cute are way sexier.  But, hey.  Who am I to smash your pumpkin?  If that’s your thing, go for it!  I just think you can probably do better.

I need party ideas?  What do you have coming up?
Well, I’ve got tutes on candlestick cake stands, simple wreath ideas, and turning household or thrift store finds into works of spooky art.  Also, some sketches from an upcoming Halloween design I’m doing.  

Things just waiting to become tutorials.  Get excited!

Throwing a dinner party.  Any weird food?
You know what looks weird? Roasted whole vegetables.  Put them all on a serving platter and they can look like they’re rotting.  Very creepy effect.  I’ve done it before and Martha has a great picture of it.  Also, squid ink pasta.  It’s black as night and tastes pretty amazing.  Roasts can be creepy if you leave them a little on the rarer side. If you like doing a menu board or sending one ahead of time, try coming up with strange names for your dishes.  This will help set the mood. Without knowing your taste preferences, I can only give vague suggestions.  I love entertaining (obvi) and when I’m in a pinch, I take a spin through Martha’s recipes. 

Where can I find kids’ costume ideas, hopefully DIY?
Pinterest, Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, Parents.  Talk to your Mom friends.  Can you arrange a swap?  Kids, treats, music and costume swap?  Instant fun. 

Do you ever think maybe you’re too into Halloween? Like maybe you should act like an adult?
Nope. Speaking of acting like an adult, I am a wife; I work a full time job, run a business and a household.  I also have a rich social life and am teaching myself Japanese. That sounds pretty adult to me.  Not to mention that part of being a happy, fulfilled adult depends on the ability to have fun.  Halloween is fun for me.  It’s fun for my readers, as well.  If you’re looking for a serious, stuffy wedding blog, I can tell you: This. isn’t. it.   Sheesh.

Do you think it’s okay to make baked goods for the trick-or-treaters?  I don’t want to give them more blocks of processed sugar.
You know, I’m not a mom, yet, but I love this.  I’d talk to some of the other neighborhood parents, if you know any of them.  See what they think.  If you don’t, this is a great way to introduce yourself.  I’d say yes, but it’s good to talk it through.  I made homemade treats one year and some moms wouldn’t let their kids take them.  I think you have to prepare yourself for that.  Also, I would suggest attaching a recipe card or a little note so Mom knows what’s in it (which is what I should’ve done). That way, if her kid has food allergies or other dietary restrictions, she has a head’s up. If you decide not to bake, try your local health food stores.  They’ll have lots of options for you that are pre-packaged and might be less risky.

Keep 'em coming, dolls!  I am having a blast answering your questions.  Just know, though, if you send me mean, snarky questions, I'm going to answer them.  Publicly.

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