30 October, 2012

Tutorial: Glittered Coffin Favor Boxes

As you know, I've been working on a couple Halloween party designs for some out of area clients.  What does that mean? It just means I get to plan out a party, pack a box with the essentials (templates, suggestions, instructions, a few materials and some fully realized, handmade extras) wrap it up all cute-like and send it on it's way!

I think part of the magic of entertaining lies in the ability to take something you already have (or something you found at an incredible price) and turn it into something amazing.  So, I always make sure to pack each Goldiluxe party with beautifully stunning, budget-friendly pieces to make each one a little more spectacular (or, in this case, spooktacular).

I thought I might share one of those elements with you.  (Again, while the camera is on the fritz, you'll have to put up with phone snappies, sorry...)

You'll need:

-decorative boxes
-mod podge (or other white glue)
-paint brush
-jazzicles, embellishments and other accoutrements

1. Paint that box!  I sprayed my boxes, but acrylic or other craft paint would work just as well. I didn't think you needed a picture of me spray painting things...but I will happy to recount my spray painting rule:  Make long, even passes with the spray, 6-10 inches from the object.  This will cut down on bubbling, uneven cover and streaking.  You may have to apply two coats...I usually do, just to be certain I've got even cover.  Set boxes aside to dry.

2. Plot it out!  While your paint dries, determine what your embellishment will be and how you will lay it out on the box.  If you aren't a big eye-baller, you may want to add the extra step of tracing the lid of your box onto craft paper.  This might aid you as you plot out your jazzicles and save you from making mistakes.

 3. Pour some glitter on it! Pour a liberal amount of Mod Podge onto a plate or other disposable surface.  Unleash the glitter.  Now, with a brush mix the glue with the glitter until you have your desired consistency.  More glitter=more shine...you get the idea.  Why the glitter/glue combo? The glue seals the glitter and prevents the dreaded glitter trail.  At this point your box might look like a hot mess, but rest assured, the Mod Podge will soon work its magic.

4.  Embellish, baby! Once your box is dry, grab your embellishments and go to town!  Although I usually don't personalize favor boxes, I was asked to enable these to double as place cards.  Our hostess wanted a less manufactured look, so I suggested cutting the edges by hand and using a paint pen to hand write the letters.  The paper featured above is part of my personal stash...I thought she'd like to use it, too!  The truth is, the possibilities are as limitless as your craft closet!

It turned out pretty cute, right?  I wish you could see them up close.  The effect is a little more subtle in person.  Next time, I think I would forgo the two-toned glitter in favor of a more fine, pitch black variety.  Our hostess LOVES them and is super excited to finish them in her own way.  I can't wait to see what she does with them!


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