22 October, 2012

Tutorial: Candlestick Cake Stands

Finally!! So cute!  Ooh, before I forget, you'll have to excuse the photos.  My camera was being finicky so I had to take my snappies with my phone.  That being said, here we go!

 You will need:
 - candlesticks
-  primer
 - spray paint
 - plates
 - hot glue gun & glue

1. Spray paint those 'sticks!  I've found that wooden or metal candlesticks work best, but just about anything will work.  If I make a set that need to travel, wooden candlesticks are the best bet for me.  A word on spray painting: try to make long, even passes with the spray from 6-10 inches from the object.  This will cut down on bubbling, uneven cover and streaking.  I usually use a primer, because I like my colors to be as bright and true as possible. Make sure to let the 'sticks dry between coats.

2. Prepare your plates! For this particular project, I used plastic plates.  I needed something that looks great, is lightweight and doesn't look overly formal.  Ceramic, china, and glass plates would work just as well, though.  Just make sure the weight of the plate is enough to balance out the weight of the candlestick.  Just common sense, here.  Now, I know I've said this a thousand times but once more couldn't hurt: Consider letting go of your 'matchy-matchy' spirit.  Coordinating colors and patterns will do the trick and give you the sophisticated look you're going for without looking stuffy.

3.  Glue, baby, glue!  After letting the gun warm up a bit, I usually start by putting glue into the hole of my candlestick.  It tends to level out the top of the candlestick while providing a little extra stability.  Once you've filled the center, it's time to create an evenly applied area of glue to which your plate can adhere. Center your pate above the candlestick.  Press your plate onto the glue and hold pressure for about 30 seconds.  This will help set the bond.  Let the glue dry completely before inspecting your work.  Remember to check for and remove pesky hot glue strings. 

  4.  Test it out!  Basically, you want to look for flaws.  Apply some pressure to the edges of your plate to test the glue bond.  Alternate pressure to test for weak spots.  Of course, you'll need to put something on your cake stand to gauge the overall sturdiness.  Once you're satisfied, you can always reheat your gun and use the heated metal tip to smooth out the glue. 

5.  Enjoy!  You've just made something ridiculously cute!  Gather your besties and throw some cute food on those babies.  Show off your handiwork a little bit.

Stay tuned for super cute pics of the stands as they will be featured in my next party design.


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