07 July, 2009

Pearls of {Marriage} Wisdom From A Mom

After the sordid topic of coin, I thought some lighter fare might be in order. My Mom is a smart lady (as are most Moms, I'm sure) and she gave me some great advice before Andy and I got married. She was always tasteful, articulate and careful not to give me so much advice as to cram it down my throat (for this I am most appreciative). I thought I'd ask her if she had anything to add, as general advice fit for any newlywed couples as they stumble through their first year (or decade) of marriage.

Here's what she has to say......and If you ask me, she sounds right on the money.

First and foremost.......under NO circumstances go to bed angry or let either of you leave the house angry....for obvious reasons.

Communication is MOST important - - you don't have to agree - you can agree to disagree - just talk to each other!

Never wear each others underwear!
(I thought this was hilarious! I'd be suspicious if I caught Andy in my frillies)

For every considerate or unexpected niceness your spouse commits - - always repay double.
Also, be not afraid to commit a niceness even if you don't feel your spouse deserves it - you'll feel good about yourself and that goes a long way to bettering difficult times (as long as you don't brag incessantly about it)

Hold hands!

Never go into marriage thinking that you can change your spouse - - - gently 'train' possibly but trying to change only results in obstinacy. Besides, you fell in love with him (her) the way they are.

Tired of doing the same old chores? trade responsibilities for a week - it's amazing how nice it is to get back to normal.

Never, never berate in public - - that means close friends also - - whatever the problem is, it belongs to the two of you only

Hold hands!
(Listed twice, because it's so important)

Thanks Mom, for the awesome advice. What advice did you get from friends or family? List it below. Good, bad and hilarious, all advice is welcome!

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