16 July, 2009

{Etsy Sweets}

I have found a brilliant new shop! I love to make cupcakes. I do. I can't help it. They're whimsical, fun and oh, so lovely! Let me tell you about Layer Cake Shop in Chicago! Their etsy shop is literally where I intend to spend the bulk of my next check..... The most exciting thing (I think) is that everything is so unbelievably affordable. It's really encouraging that these crafty ladies have created a place for amateur and expert bakers alike. Their shop is inviting, stylish and oh so much fun to look at. I feel so lucky that I've found them. I just wish it had been sooner. My kitchen {not to mention my wallet} would be much better off. But enough of my blathering. Hows about I let the product speak for itself, hmmm?....

1. The Happy Hula Cupcake Kit. Um, hello? This is about the cutest darn thing I have ever seen. Chock full o' surprises, this kit has 67 items, including 24 cupcake toppers (a mixture of hula dancers, palm trees, hula musicians and more), 24 cake liners, sugars, sprinkles and bakery labels. All this fun for only, get this $12.00! You're practically stealing this! Go here for full details. You can also check out this dynamic duo at their website.(here you can find the cutest freaking cookie cutters ever)

2. Plastic Rose Cupcake Toppers. For a paltry $3.50 you get a set of 12 1.75 x .75 inch cupcake picks. $3.50?! You heard right folks. I couldn't believe it either. You'll find them in yellow, red, pink and blue.
3. Blue Swirl Cupcake Liners. These might be my favorite thing in the shop. I am constantly in search of decorative cupcake liners. I think the right ones can put the finishing touch on any batch of cupcakes. I also tend to be all about the details. I love showing my guests I've gone the extra mile and put some of my self into what I'm creating. These liners are standard cupcake size and come in a variety of color combinations. A stack of 45 will cost you $5.50 (plus shipping, of course).
4. Pink Decorative Sanding Sugar. I love love LOVE this. Sanding Sugar doesn't melt in the heat so feel free to add a little sparkle before or after baking. This 4 ounce package will brighten multiple batches of cookies or cupcakes and will cost you a mere $2.00. Available in a wide variety of fabulous colors.
5. Vintage Car Cupcake Toppers. So cute! They come in a set of four and each car measures approximately 2.5" in length. Perfect for lots of events. I saw these and my gears started turning. Oh, my what I could do with these! $3.25 for the set.
Once again, this is just the tip of the iceberg from the brilliant Layer Cake Shop located in Chicago. Do yourself a favor and get to either their etsy shop or brand new website tout de suite!
Photo credit: All photos are property of Layer Cake Shop. Please, be a button and don't steal!

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