10 July, 2009

The Naughty Kitty Who Could!

Look at this face. See how adorable? How sweet?

Well. Don't be fooled. This is the face of a destruction hurricane. A naughty tornado, if you will.

This is the face of a four legged paper shredder. And a camera moistener. This tiny creature single-handedly created a lake on my antique coffee table (ice cubes in glasses are her Kryptonite). Of course this must have been after she got a hold of my invitations and reduced them to confetti.

I will rebuild the how-to for your enjoyment tomorrow....or maybe this afternoon, if I get the chance!

The camera is fine...

This is the face of a kitty who's grounded.


  1. i can bring a.c. over to torment her as a punishment.

  2. oh, wait, it says i am a.c.
    i can come over to torment her.

  3. Ha! The upstairs neighbor got a puppy who whines a lot. That seems to torment her just fine...but ac is welcome anytime.