05 June, 2009

What to Do, What to Do?

Hi all!

I'm not at all sure why I chose the cupcakes....other than it seemed festive, what with their shiny gold wrappers and deliciously iridescent frosting (both the cake and the frosting are homemade, thank you very much!). I'm not usually one to toot my own horn, but these were just so much fun to make so...toot toot, indeed.

I'm back in the saddle here at Renegade Soiree. It's been an interesting couple of weeks.

What have I been up to? Well....

I've been getting ready for a party The Hubbs and I are hosting next week. Invites and decorations and menus, oh my! I will have it all for you here, beginning with invitations and some new ideas I have. I have a how-to for you on paper rosettes! I'm finally done with all the pictures and I intend to publish for you this afternoon!

In other news, we've started the redecorating back up and I spent last week knee deep in paint samples. I am trying to turn our house into a haven! I am waaay behind on planting and have partially abandoned it for beautifying our porch.

So, hang on....the fun starts this afternoon!

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  1. Hello,
    I found you by clicking "Etsy" in my "interests" links on Blogger and decided to "follow" you. I would like to invite you to my new blog, "Dish."

    I would love it if you would tell us something you "ate" today, and something you "made" today.

    See you,