08 June, 2009

Milwaukee's Finest!

So, there I was-perusing my favorite blogs and minding my own business, when I came across Cracked Designs. I follow this blog, but I hadn't caught up with them in awhile. Boy, was I missing out!

Cracked Designs is a Milwaukee based greeting card and design company. They specialize in clever, greeting cards and custom wedding stationery. And let me say, "meow!" I am in lust with their paper finery. Today, I found three items in particular that I must share with you all.

The first thing I saw was this. Um, hello?! Have you seen anything cuter? I love how the two versions on the end have the initials inside the birds. Mmmm, it's love! Wanna see more? Well, here it is:

This design is called "Lovebirds" and is part of Cracked Designs' Signature Collection. Here are the specs...
This suite is $175 for a set of 50 (set includes 1-5"x7" invitation with backing, 1-3.5" x 5" reply card, 1- 3.5" x 5" reception card, 1- 4 bar reply envelope and 1- A7 outer envelope). The suite can be customized with your unique colors and information; Lovebirds can also be purchased in any quantity! Hooray! All pieces are printed on finely textured, heavyweight card stock. You will receive an e-mail proof. This is the Etsy shop where you can convo the geniuses behind the design with your questions, concerns and specifics. The turnaround for this suite is usually one week. Shipping would be $5.00.

The team at Cracked Designs works with recycled papers and a vast array of designs. Prices will vary of course, based on quantity and invitation style. Custom work is available as well. For those of you who would like to know a little bit more about the invites at Cracked Designs, they offer a sample pack option. A what? That's right, a sample pack! Here's a little taste...

"Get out of town?!", you say. I will not. This is brilliant, Cracked Designs and I say "Brava!". Okay Brides, listen up! If you can get a sample to have, hold and use to get a sense of the product you are about to buy, do it! Seriously. It's the only way to be sure you're getting what you pay for. The problem is, most designers that I've run across just don't offer this as an option. Some do, but be prepared to pay for it. Often, the retail store you visit will have vendor samples but you can't take them home and you certainly can't take them to your other vendors to help articulate your design scheme. For a paltry five clams, you can order any of the six Signature Collection designs or you can order a sample from one of their custom jobs. One quick convo about what you're looking for and "voila!".

Finally, one of my favorite Cracked Design products. Ever. The Journey Journal! "Mutha whaaat?! Shut your mouth!" I love this product! Measuring 5" x 7" and printed on heavy card stock, this journal has it all! Inside this clever little tome you'll find: a checklist, pre-planning list, places for reflections, drawings, official info, plans, date and location! It's unbelievable. There is even a storage space for small mementos you may have acquired along the way. The cutest feature, for me is the 6 round metal fasteners and length of string that comes with the journal so you can mark your journey on the cover. This 12 day travel journal will run you only $12.00. Be on the lookout for all the Journey Journal editions, including Spring Break, Europe and Australia. Wanna customize? Contact the seller and you just might get your wish!

Delish! The Journey Journal is a perfect handmade gift for the jet-set newlyweds in your life (hint, hint, friends and family)! Especially considering these little books can easily be customized. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture. I'm thinking about purchasing one for The Hubbs for the Hmoon. It's perfect because he's never been to where we're going and I think he'd have a blast chronicling it all.

Here you have it-- three of the many reasons Cracked Designs is one of my absolute faves! Be sure to keep up with them at the Cracked Designs blog, check out their website and visit their Etsy shop for full details, shop policies and outstanding product, of course!

Stay tuned as I stay on the prowl for more of Milwaukee's Finest!

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