09 January, 2009

Inspiration Domination!

A year ago, when I first started planning this wedding, I was having trouble corralling my ideas and editing them into something I could actually use. I would just cut pictures out of magazines and put them into envelopes. At the end of a week, I had, get this, 45 envelopes FULL of raw ideas. I didn't feel any closer to accomplishing anything, I actually felt as though I had created more work for myself. I needed a change. I needed to view my ideas in an organized way. I also needed some flexibility to allow for the decisions I would surely be making.

This is what I came up with. An Inspiration Board. I got the idea from an interior designer friend of mine. She uses them to give clients an inkling of what the larger picture will entail. Brilliant! The one in the picture, I made early on in the process. I started with all of my ideas for dresses, decor, vendors, venues, etc. I arranged them in sections, starting, of course, with the dress and the bouquet. As I toddled along, the boards became more specific, each focusing on one aspect of the planning process. I found this drastically reduced the time I needed to organize my thoughts and I could flip through them, almost like flashcards. As decisions were made, I was able to distill everything into one, cohesive picture.

As things began coming together, I made one more board. On it, are the pieces from the other boards as well as some ideas I had along the way. When I finished it, our wedding was staring back at me. Business cards from our vendors, linen samples, the receipt from the deposit on my dress, little pieces that had blended together to become one big, beautiful, idea. This one I will frame and hang as art in my office.

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