27 January, 2009

I'm Back and Ready to Blog!

Good morning, Readers!

As you know, I had been on an impromptu hiatus last week. I apologize, big time. I just needed a little time to do some Bride stuff. I learned a lot last week, and I am really excited to share it with you all.

I am currently working on a Flickr page for photos of my Bridal Shower Fiesta. It took me awhile to sift through them all (I ended up with almost 100 pictures...can you believe it?!). But I've decided the page will be live by the end of this week.

I also wanted to catch up on thank-you cards and finish some things that I am hand making for the ceremony and reception. I finished a lot. Pictures and design tips, you ask? All this week. I can't wait to show you!

Thursday, I'd like to go over printing techniques with you. I think the savvy Bride should go into every aspect of the wedding with as much knowledge as possible. I believe this for two reasons:

One, I think it is very easy for an unsuspecting Bride to be taken advantage of by sneaky wedding vendors. You'd be surprised at the number of wedding professionals who are also conversational wizards. Arm yourself with info and even the most adept monetary assailant is no match for you.
Two, the key to any stress-free interaction is the ability to speak the language. Your time will be used most effectively, when you can articulate your vision. Especially if you don't have a planner to speak for you. There can't be any nasty surprises or hurt feelings when everyone is reading the same script, so to speak.

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