13 January, 2009

Domino Effect!

It came! It came!

My first issue of my new subscription to Domino Magazine! Oh, holy pinstripes, do I love this publication! This subscription was a birthday gift from my friend and local artist extraordinaire, Allison C.
Bielke. Ms. Bielke is a bridesmaid in our wedding and she designed our invitation suite and stationery (I will share designs and details later). It's full of great design tips, especially if you live on a budget. The website is great, too. My favorite feature is their excellent section on party planning. Their ideas have definitely gotten me out of a sticky situation or two.

I bring Domino Magazine up, because I think inspiration for your wedding should come from everywhere. I don't believe brides should stick to any one medium when trying to create the perfect event. Your wedding should be as unique as you and your fiance are. We used aspects of architecture, music, fashion, art, hospitality and culture to create something that really personifies who we are as people and to convey that theme to our guests. Design magazines, such as Domino Magazine, can be particularly helpful to the bride who is looking for modern sophistication and style. It is a good source in which to expose yourself to a less traditional palate of color and combination.

Am I saying, "Down with wedding magazines!"? Not at all. I used a them a lot and I advise others to take a look at them too, the point I am trying to make is that we don't want to get stuck in a rut. Look to everything for inspiration. For the best results, always make sure to edit. If you have several great ideas, write them all down and then take a break. Come back and revisit them when you feel you are ready to make some decisions. Be sure to stick with the ideas that can help you streamline the overall look of the wedding. Clutter is clutter. Whether it is in your apartment or in your wedding.

Taking a few extra minutes to get your thoughts together will definitely help you save money in the long run. Making lists and organizing them will help you learn the difference between what you want and what you want "right now".
You will be less apt to get distracted or to make impulsive purchases if you are looking for what you really want. Remember ladies, these days, saving money is stylish.

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