12 January, 2009

Box Me Up!

I LOVE The White Box of Milwaukee. The White Box is a local wedding planning and consultation service. They have a variety of services tailored for even the most finicky of brides. Absolutely fabulous! Their blog (Bespoke) is even better, chock full of stories, tips and hints that we can all relate to. Whether you're in the MKE area or not, do yourself a favor and check them out!

Saturday, this wonderful company posted about the proper way to hold your bridal bouquet. They beat me to it, but they did it so well, I'm not even upset. In fact, I am printing the post out, making copies and handing them to my bridesmaids at the rehearsal. These are the kinds of things that a bride can easily overlook. In many cases it takes a planner to help point them out. I think I feel a series coming on....

To get enlightened, check out the post here.

To get hooked on The White Box, stop by their website.


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