16 January, 2009

Going Forward

Ok, ladies, I have been live now for one whole week. Although things are crazy for us right now (42 days and counting!) I wanted to give you a run-down of what we are going to be talking about in the coming week.

This week I will be doing my first series. I would like to focus on invitations. We will discuss the printing styles, invitation trends, components of the invitation and the etiquette surrounding it. In conjunction with this, programs and reception paper will also be discussed. As always, I will answer any questions you may have.

In what could be considered a side-note, Saturday is my bridal shower (Yay!). My soon to be MIL is throwing it for me. We are having a Mexican Fiesta theme (I thought it was rather festive considering the frigid cold here in Wisconsin). Later in the evening, the 'maids and I will have some quality time out on the town. On Tuesday, I will be sharing pictures and design tips.

And now, the tip of the day:

It is improper to use a three letter monogram on anything that will reach guests before the reception. By this, I mean the combination of the first initials of the bride and groom with the first initial of the new last name. ( in my case, eEa, which signifies Erin and Andrew Ellingen). This rule applies to Save the Date cards, invitations, programs and thank you notes for any gifts received before the wedding. The reasoning behind the rule is fairly simple. No vows have been said. The wedding program is actually the last place the bride's maiden monogram will ever be featured.

Opt instead, for the stylish duogram. This combines only the first initials of the bride and groom (e&a). This is the proper way to denote your union with your new spouse. A good design will add a playful air to any printed material. In my opinion, a duogram is especially appropriate on thank you notes for gifts received before the wedding.

However, it is absolutely appropriate to use your new, three letter monogram in reception decor. For a more modern twist, try using your monogram as part of the spotlight on the dance floor. Many couples turn it on at the beginning of the first dance. Ask your planner or sound and lighting specialist for details. Other common places are on the cake, menus, and favor tags. If you do incorporate your monogram, be sure to give it an unforgettable debut!

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