18 April, 2012

You Asked For It: The Questionnaire

So, in my absence, your questions have been piling up like whoa.  When you cuties write to me, sometimes, your questions don't require my usual wordy answers.  I typically answer them directly and send you on your way, but this week I've decided to do a series of roundups.  The first, being a collection of questions you've asked about me.  My tastes, my day, my goals-my goodness, you are curious little devils, aren't you?

Here we go!

What is your least favorite color-combo? A, Delaware
I have two.  Cocoa/Pink & Cocoa/Turquoise

What's the deal with all the retro-inspired stuff? K, Nebraska
It's a total obsesh.  Can't help it.

White or ecru? J, Nevada
Ecru, unless the design is just screaming for white. 

What is the best part of your day? S, Wisconsin
Well, the best part of Monday was when Allison and I were sitting on the floor, working on lantern rigging and I coined the term 'smarmageddon'.

When do we get more pics of your cats? M, Wisconsin
How about now?

Cranky GoldiPets on their favorite blankie.  They were not pleased to be 'graphed.

What's the weirdest thing that's turned up in your keyword search records? D, Kansas
I assume you mean the search that tells me how people are finding me?  If that's the case, 10 people have found me by searching 'annoying people on Pinterest'. 

What's the hardest part of owning a small business?  B, Nebraska
Trusting myself to make the best decision for Goldiluxe's future.

What's your dream for Goldiluxe? N, Vermont
I dream that Goldiluxe will become a giant, glittering design house, full of amazing Lucite writing desks, lit from the bottom and luxurious chevron-patterned rugs.  We will design All The Things and have our own clothing line.  Also homemade, organic body care products. I've got big dreams, baby!

What's your favorite mascara ('cause I need a new one)? GoldiMom, Nebraska
This one!

Diorshow Black Out Mascara by Dior.  One of the three things I would take to a deserted island.  

Wow, that was really, super fun! As always, I love hearing from you and I will answer just about anything!  If you've got some burning questions leave 'em in the comments or drop me a line at goldiluxeevents@gmail.com

Tomorrow's roundup will feature your questions about wedding style!  Can't wait!!

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