04 April, 2012

Follow Up Awesomeness: Ryan Gosling Edition

So, remember this?  Well, that's nothing.  Today, whilst wandering the beauty that is Pinterest, I stumbled upon: Handmade Ryan Gosling.  It's totally hilar.  Here are my favsies:

So, anyone who knows me, knows that this is my own private Idaho. Seriously, just don't use my fabric scissors for paper.  It will get cray-cray up in here.

The Hubbs has literally said this to me on a number of occasions.

That's love, people.  Sorting through vintage buttons.

So, head on over to Handmade Ryan Gosling for more deliciousness.  I hear they'll also let you submit your own.  Oh, and by the way, did you hear he saved a woman from being hit by a taxi yesterday?  Yep.  Actor, singer, freaking hero.  You heard it here first, people.

Photo credits: all photos handmade ryan gosling via oh you crafty gal (which is an awesome blog, yo)

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