20 March, 2012

Designer Love: Ian Stuart

With decadent silhouettes, indulgent fabrics and stunning accessories, it's easy to see why Ian Stuart ($$$$$) is one of the bridal world's most celebrated heavy hitters.  Over the last several seasons, Mr. Stuart has quickly become one of my favorite designers.  I feel like I am always anxiously awaiting the new collection.  I think Ian Stuart's bridal gowns speak to that flamboyant, theatrical side of me. 

From the website:
          Launching his own line has allowed Ian to concentrate on creating collections which truly reflect his passion for innovative bridal design; without any restraints or compromise.  His main objective is to provide brides-to-be with a luxurious and diverse selection of shapes, colours and fabrics to reflect their own individual style.

I've been pouring over the latest from Mr. Stuart, Killer Queen.  I thought I might share with you a few of my faves:

Basilica.  The artistry is unparalleled. I am living for the metallic, all-over lace and the classic A-line silhouette.  Oh, bee tee dubs y'all-that is totally a lace jacket.  It's totally separate.  Why buy two dresses when this one gives you two looks...love!

 Bluebird.  What a stunner.  The thing that got me seriously hooked on Ian Stuart Bridal was that element of the surprise.  The first glimpse I had of this gown was from the back and I was sold...then I saw the front.  J'adore that halter neckline.  I also really appreciate the floral detail on the back.  The soft, airy blue is one of my favorite shades of blue and, in my opinion, is perfect for bridal couture.

This is the aptly named Broadway. Couldn't you just die?!  Now, while this dress is available in both ivory and taupe I think the bright, delicious pinky color (or Peony, if you're Ian Stuart) is just incredible.  I included Broadway because I think it's a great illustration of how a colored bridal gown can be dramatic and breathtaking without being overly costume-y.  I would say, though that a daring, color-loving bride would do well to mind the accessories.
This is Doris Day.  And, wouldn't you know it, this is my fave Killer Queen gown.  I love it's amazing simplicity and the pearled skirt is just the living end!  The sweet little jacket in this photo is completely separate and adorable.  My favorite thing about this dress?  Why, it's available in pale pink!  The thought of this little beauty in a sweet, blushy pink makes my heart skip a beat. 

So, there you have it.  My favorites from the Killer Queen collection by one mister Ian Stuart.  But, the thing is, I barely scratched the surface on this amazing collection.  I'd suggest you get your toned little bottoms over to the website.  Sorry, MKE brides, we don't have any boutique bold enough (I kid, I kid.) to carry the line, BUT you can find Mr. Stuart's designs at this Illinois destination:

236 West Northwest HWY
Barrington, Illinois, 60010
Tel: 847 381 5858

Photo credit: Photos 1,3,4-Ian Stuart
                        Photo 2 Ian Stuart via My Manx Wedding

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