13 February, 2012

You Asked For It: The Elephant Trunk & Democrat Donkey

I am a friend on Facebook.  I also follow your Goldiluxe page.  I am growing my own small business.  I wonder though, how do you reconcile being so openly political on your Facebook page.  Do you ever worry that you are alienating potential clients? 

Whoa.  Okay.  This is seriously one of my favorite questions.  Here goes:

The short answer is: I don’t know how to live any other way.  I don’t know how to separate myself from what I believe.  There are many times when I wish I could.  

The long, tedious, mildly pretentious sounding (but totally true) answer is:  You know, it’s funny.  I’ve never been afraid of politics.  I just chose to keep my opinions to myself.  I didn’t really want to rock the boat.  Then my Dad taught me a lesson.  

My Dad is one of the coolest, smartest people I’ve ever known.  He’s all the things a man should be.  He’s also a staunch Republican.  Me, well, not so much…or rather not at all.  So, there are a lot of debates, natch.  Sometimes they’re heated (which means I get all worked up and cry, because I have big feelings that are easily overcome.) But, debating with him about things like civil rights, the war on drugs, and the crumbling education system constantly reminds me of the humanity of politics.  That underneath all the rhetoric and anger are people, standing up for what they believe, trying like hell to leave this place a little better than they found it.  Forget all the things that divide us, forget the labels the pundits throw at us.  We are just people fighting for our families, for our lives.  This lesson I’ve learned from him is one of the most profound of my life.  No matter how “mad as hell” we are, we must never forget our humanity.

How does that translate to social media and to Goldiluxe?  Well, I’m not for everyone.  No business, no person for that matter is suitable for everyone.  I suppose we could be if we’re willing to hide the “controversial” parts of ourselves to suit public opinion.  But, I don’t want to be two people.  I am asking people to trust me.  To trust I will give them a memorable experience that no one else can.  How can they do that if they don’t know who I am?  So much of the world lives for money.  They cheat for it, steal for it, and lie for it.  I choose not to be one of them.  My principles, my integrity, my humanity must come first.  That’s how I will run my business.  

As far as Facebook goes, I want the Goldiluxe page to be a shining, glittering place; full of beautiful gowns, wonderful parties, love and friendship (I know, I know).  A place where everyone feels welcome and everyone feels safe.  My personal page is my outlet, my little portal to the larger world.  I have every right to express my opinions there.  You have every right to judge them.  No one has the right to silence either of us.

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