12 December, 2011

Holiday Cheer in a Pinch: Garland Trees

 With December chugging along, I usually find myself dreaming up ways to shove as much Holiday Cheer into my schedule as possible.  Last year, for instance, Allison and I whipped up a little cookie decorating party.  It was heavenly!  Our design was polished and refined, but the details were quick, easy and affordable. This is the first of two of our favorite décor elements from a little party we like to call: Winter Wonderful

Materials needed:
- three cones of graduating size (I happened to have some floral cones floating about my house, so that’s what I’m using here.  The same look can be achieved with any cone shaped item. )
- a few lengths of garland…9-12 feet should cover it, depending on the size of your cones
-straight pins (if you are using a cone that is impervious to straight pins, you might find the use of double sided tape or fabric glue helpful)
-embellishments of a shiny, delightful caliber (optional)

1. Secure the end of one length of garland to the apex of the cone with a straight pin.

2. Wrap the garland around the length of the cone, anchoring garland sporadically with pins.  Try not to wrap too tightly, as we are trying to achieve a fluffier look.

 3.  To finish the bottom of the cone, snip garland to fit and secure with pin.

4. (Optional) At this point, you can embellish your garland trees as much or a little as you like.  Last year, Allison and I used big bird ornaments (that’s right, we put a bird on it) that we found at Michael’s.  To keep your minds fresh, I didn’t add pics of mine, but I suggest buttons, costume jewelry, gift wrap tie-ins…you name it.  The sky is the limit!


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