24 March, 2011

Designer Love: Michael Cinco

This Philippines born designer, now located in Dubai (Can you imagine?!) is at the forefront of bridal couture.  Michael Cinco's designs are unbelievably beautiful.  Just wow. Here's a little bit about the man behind the totally fab gowns... 

From the blog: In 1997, Michael moved to Dubai. His first job was very challenging…he was about to change the image of a slightly staid big fashion house. ” I was so scared and don’t know what to do but eventually had the courage to reinvent the image of the house and I think the Dubai fashionistas eventually saw the catcher of an edgy, new young designer.” Michael says. Soon the fashionable woman of Dubai has been choking on their Carpaccio as he began to inject a new vigour into couture.

Here come the sugar!

Couldn't you just choke on the beauty?! I am in love with these dresses.  The detail is really extraordinary.  That short dress is maybe my favorite...then of course, there's this...

This might be the crown jewel of his 2010 Madame Butterfly collection.  The detail and raging, rambunctious color is just stunning.  It's so good, I might pass out right here. 

Go to the website.  Read the blog.  Be inspired.

Photo credits: Michael Cinco runway show via style nouveau
                          Madame Butterfly show via stylemonger

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