31 March, 2011

Designer Love: Claire Pettibone

The first two things that come to mind when I consider Claire Pettibone dresses are: ethereal beauty and whimsy.  Her clear aesthetic and painstaking attention to detail combine to create some of the most unique bridal couture I've seen in awhile.  While I tend to be drawn to lines that I feel cater to a wide range of bridal personalities, I think the Claire Pettibone bride is more specific.  I love that.

From the website: For the woman who dreams of pure poetry in motion, Los Angeles designer Claire Pettibone will indulge her every romantic inclination. Born to artist parents, it was inevitable that Claire would enter a creative field. She spent her early childhood living in rural New York in a nineteenth century home where her parents created their art, and Claire began to draw and paint as well. At the age of 4, she attended a wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan that left a lasting impression. Claire was so enthralled with that walk down the aisle, that she began drawing brides and begged her mother to make her a wedding gown! 

From the Continuing Collection:
 The Cherry Blossom.  Yummy.  I appreciate the simple train to contrast with the spectacular detail on the rest of the dress.  Sparkly gossamer embroidery, crystals...le sigh.
Ah, the Kristene.  I love this dress, I really do.  The layering, the luscious lace and the heart shaped train.  Ah, yes.  The heart-shaped train.  Just cutesy enough to really nail it.  I like that.

From the Spirit of the Night Collection:

The Dew Drop.  One word.  LOVE.  I LOVE this.  Pale pink ombre, a sweetly bubbly skirt and one of the best boleros I've ever seen.  As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of differently-colored wedding dresses and for me this one is a '10'.

The Crescent.  Sweetheart necklines, tulle, crystals and beads.  These are few of my favorite things. 

Ah, the Dragonfly.  I love this dress.  It might be my favorite Pettibone gown.  Ever.  I love the sequins, I love the sleeves (I know, it's a surprise)  and I love the embroidered train.  Are you skeptical??  I was, too.  Until I saw this...


It's on a model and it's so good I can't stand it!  Simply marvy!!

So get on over to the Claire Pettibone website, check out her blog and look for a salon near you...

Photo credit: claire pettibone dot com & oncewed dot com

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