02 December, 2010

A Royal Wedding!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple weeks, you know that the scrumptious Prince William is getting hitched! Exciting!  The speculations are swirling on the blog-o-sphere about which designer the bride-to-be will choose (Umm, if it were me I'd be dying to get my hot little hands on some Dior...Or Vivienne Westwood).

Although I wasn't yet born when the last royal wedding occurred, I did grow up with the images.  And being in awe of the spectacular woman that Princess Diana was. I thought I might share a few of the iconic images with you as we dream about the splendor of the next Royal Wedding..

 1.  This is the ceremonial announcement.  This document announced the order of the procession and outlines the ceremony for the guest.

2.  The cake!  OMG, can you imagine?!  This five layer cake was crafted by petty chef, David Avery (in honor of the Prince's Navy ties) and was a traditional British wedding cake.  Fruit cake with raisins, nuts and brandy soaked dried fruit.  This is one of several cakes made (the process took 14 weeks to finish...yikes!) in case of an accident.  Pretty clever, Royal Family.    
3.  Prince Charles wore formal Navy dress.  Dig the ah-MAZING (!) detail on that dress.  This dress, by Emmanuels, is crazy beautiful (and sports a, get this, 25 foot train!)
4.  The dress.  Again.  You know, I know it was 1981 and all, but that dress is KILLING me with the beauty.  Seriously.  In this picture you can see a little bit more of that fab train.  Note the nosegay.  Something you don't see much with brides today...frankly, I think it's perfect.  The little girls?  Well, in Britain it is customary that your bridesmaids be young girls from your family.  Interesting, no?
Well, there you have it.  My tiny, little trip down Royal Wedding Lane.  I simply cannot wait to see what the Windsors have in store for us this time....(especially considering word on the street is Snoop Dogg is performing at the engagement party...I. Die.)

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